The Birth of SendWork

Martha Hampton

SendWork is Miami hotelier Martha Hampton’s vision. When, as a hotelier, Martha’s employees came to her looking for suggestions on how to earn extra money there were not many options available to her. Otherwise restrained by the staffing needs of a specific property, all she could do was to suggest they apply their skills independently.

With Martha’s eagerness to help her beloved hotel community, she created SendWork; an App that matches the professional skills, experience and expertise of hotel employees with the prerequisite of home owners to bring luxury hotel services to the home.

SendWork bridges the gap between highly skilled experienced service providers that do not have the means to find or market to high income earners that would be in need of their services in the local area. Furthermore, the App is Bi-lingual; allows English speaking clients to request and converse with the Providers in Spanish if Spanish is their first language.

From there it has grown into a full-service freelance provider network that gives skilled freelance professionals a chance to be their own boss and even create full-fledged independent contracting businesses of their own.

Our Principles

Our Principles

There are two defining principles behind the architecture of SendWork, both of which closely mirror our founder Martha Hampton’s personal beliefs.

1)  Freelance providers are entitled to the money they earn

2)  SendWork’s primary goal is to promote providers, not profit off them

In addition, every aspect of SendWork is designed to support, promote and reward excellent providers and maintain their autonomy. We function as a dedicated sales and marketing team, a customer retention firm, a payment processor, and a portfolio enhancement service for every one of our service providers—with no out-of-pocket costs to them.

This radical new business model is Martha’s way of giving back to the talented community of skilled service providers in Miami and helping good people build a solid financial base for themselves and their families.

SendWork App

SendWork is a unique mobile platform which allows skilled service providers (house cleaners, housekeepers, and service professionals) to connect with clients in need of their skills. It’s like those online job sites but instead of scouring a website for jobs and wasting time in the application process, the people who need the work done come to you, the Service Provider.

But SendWork doesn’t just make finding jobs easier, it makes earning more money easy too. How?

The jobs our Clients hire out for are priced competitively within the Miami market but, unlike many freelance websites, SendWork allows the Service Provider to keep almost all of the money. (Though a very small percentage of each job’s final fee is reinvested back into SendWork to make it even better!)

In short, Providers earn more for doing the same amount of work. That money gives these hard-working individuals resources they need to grow freelance businesses, take care of their family, or simply live more comfortably. And a commitment to putting money in the right people’s hands is what gave birth to SendWork.

SendWork’s Mission is Your Prosperity

Martha Hampton designed SendWork as a way for hard-working people in the hotel and hospitality industry to augment their personal income in their free time. The concept grew from there and she realized that not only could guest service workers apply their skills outside the hotel environment and concierge staff could as well—if they could get access to quality freelance jobs in Miami.

But finding and getting that work is not necessarily easy when you don’t speak the language.

As a native of Colombia who came to Miami years ago, Martha knows first-hand the trouble that honest folks have making ends meet—especially when Spanish is their native language. She knows that finding work is difficult and finding good-paying jobs can be even harder. That’s why it was absolutely essential to her that SendWork was created with bilingual functionality. This levels the playing field so Spanish-speaking workers have more opportunities to earn and the ability to compete in an English-dominated environment.

SendWork App

SendWork is specifically geared for use by professional people that are accustomed to a certain level of service. They’re busy and have the monetary resources to outsource daily chores. They have no qualms about hiring a housekeeper because it frees up their time. Allowing them to concentrate on business, enjoy recreational activities, and live the type of life they’ve envisioned for themselves.

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SendWork Provider

SendWork Provider App empowers skilled service providers such as hotel service house keepers and cleaners with the management tools to take control and to build part-time or even full-time incomes of their own outside the hotel industry.

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