After Party Clean Ups Made Easy

Life in the Miami area moves at a different pace. It’s fast, it’s fun-filled, and it can be a little wild at times. But while those wicked Miami parties might be fun at the time, the after party clean up afterwards is nothing but a headache. Don’t you wish there was way you could simply push a button and make all the mess simply go away?

You can! SendWork is the free mobile app that connects you with fast freelance home cleaners in Miami and the surrounding area. These cleaners are available at a moment’s notice and can have your apartment, condo, or home clean in no time.

You’re free to go to work, sleep in, or simply sit on the patio while someone else does the work for you.

The No-Stress Solution to Party Clean Ups

Whether we’re talking about a child’s birthday party or an after party that spilled out of one of the hottest clubs in South Beach, Wynwood or the Design District in Miami, the after party clean up is no fun at all. It takes time you don’t have, and requires motivation (which may you be lacking after a long night of living it up).

But you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Open our app, find an available cleaner in your area, and they can be at your door within minutes—the best solution to those parties that just appear out of nowhere.

These hard working, conscientious individuals can deep clean your place from cellar to ceiling and have everything back to normal in no time.

Party planned in advance? Use our convenient scheduling feature to hire your cleaner for the day after—as early in the morning or as late in the afternoon as you want them there.

Whole Home Cleaning Without the Hassle

Our network of home cleaners provide top-tier service on your schedule. Party pick up service includes:

  • Whole home clean ups
  • Whole home after party clean ups
  • Deep cleaning of “trouble spots” like the kitchen and bathroom
  • Trash removal and recycling
  • Patio/pool area cleaning

We can even help you find someone to do the dishes!

New to SendWork? No Worries!

When you hire through the SendWork App, you get a clean you can trust. Unlike those anonymous classified ads online, SendWork requires all home cleaners to pass a background check, utilizes a user-created feedback rating system, and features a secure electronic payment service so there’s never any need for cash!

Plus, our hourly and per job rates are much lower than similar cleaning services in Miami are $20.00 per hour—you get a great clean home for a bargain.

Party Today Clean Tomorrow

Whether you woke up to a mess this morning or are planning your next amazing house party in advance, SendWork offers you the perfect after party clean up solution at the touch of a button. Learn how SendWork works or download the app today!