The One Essential Tool Every Airbnb Host Should Have

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You’ve the perfect home in the perfect location and arranged all the décor just so. But if you want to get those good reviews and work your way toward a SuperHost on Airbnb, you’ll need something a little more important than a catchy (or kitschy) name for your home (or room). You need to make a good impression on your guests every time. And that impression has to be memorable enough that they’ll actually take the time out of their day to rate you well and write a positive review.

Think first impressions don’t matter much?

Good Impressions Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Every good vacation, day trip, night away from home starts (or ends) with a clean home. From the moment your guest opens the door, you want them to feel welcome, comfortable, and carefree. They can’t do that if they’re counting dust bunnies, worrying about the suspicious ring around the bathtub, or wondering what that smell is.

It’s up to you to make sure the linens are crisp and clean, the bathroom is bright and airy, the kitchen is spotless, and the living areas are orderly and inviting. When it all comes together, your guests leave happy, leave good reviews, and leave you with the increased earning potential that a higher ranking on Airbnb or Vrbo will get you.

That’s right, your guest’s experience directly correlates to increased rental rates and additional income.

But how can you handle rental properties when you live half a world away?

Smart Free Mobile App SendWork Comes to the Rescue

Now you can manage your entire cleaning team (from home cleaners to pool maintenance, from gardeners to handymen) with the push of a few buttons on your mobile device from around the corner or around the world. SendWork lets you remotely schedule, supervise, and pay service professionals quickly and easily from your mobile device.

The SendWork App was originally created to allow freelance service professionals in the greater Miami area find more clients, get more jobs, and put their skills to use in order to better their lives. And to that end this App has been a complete success! However, with the additional of the mobile Professional Manager functionality, the App’s reach has expanded well beyond Miami.

In fact, you can use SendWork to manage your workers (in a variety of fields) anywhere in the United States. Quickly and easily add any service professionals you’ve used in the past to the SendWork network then use all of our powerful scheduling, management, and payment tools to help eliminate the hassles and headaches of being an Airbnb host.

SendWork App on Google Play

Why SendWork is Perfect for Airbnb and Vrbo Hosts

SendWork is an amazing resource property owners can use to ensure every detail inside and outside their rental property is perfect and makes that unforgettable impression every time.

  • Need your home, condo, or room cleaned between guests? Send your existing cleaner a job requests and have them at your rental unit’s door within 24 hours.
  • Got a surprise rental that caught you off guard? Push through a rush order and get your cleaning team on the scene within hours (possibly even minutes).
  • Need your property “opened” before the tourist season in your locale? Use SendWork’s handy calendar and scheduler functionality to plan months in advance. Your professional will get a reminder 24-hours prior and 1 hour prior to the Appointed time.
  • Need to adjust to a last minute change of plans? You can communicate instantly via our App (text-style messaging or chat) to pass along instructions.
  • Want to ensure you’re getting the clean you’re paying for? Our notification system pings you when your cleaner arrives at the location, when they begin, and when they finish.
  • Need more assurance? Use the built-in GPS tracking to see exactly where your service provider is at any time. (This comes in handy when estimating how long it will take them to get onsite as well.)
  • Job’s done and it’s time to pay? Don’t hassle with paper checks, money transfers, or currency exchanges. Make fast and secure credit card payments via SendWork’s built-in payment processing and your freelancer will have funds deposited directly into their accounts.

Digital Tools for Modern Property Moguls

Love the income and lifestyle rental properties allow but hate the headaches? Just imagine how hassle-free switching your management to a digital platform can be.

  • No more messy date books, scheduling mix ups, or “forgotten” Appointments.
  • No more phone tag.
  • No more calling around trying to find someone to take care of last-minute problems.
  • No more payment SNAFUs.

All you’re left with are happy service professionals, well-maintained Airbnb properties, and happy guests.

Learn more about how SendWork can change the way you do business. Download the free App today (available on Android and IOS devices) and get started for free.