What’s so great about our free property management app?

Manage your Workers

1) You Can Add Your Own Contractors

Maybe you just really love the contractors you’re currently working with but feel you need a bit more control when they are working remotely.

SendWork knows that sometimes trying new things can be a bit uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve built in the ability for you to add your current crew to our powerful property management app.

Why is that good for you? You can use our exclusive scheduling, communication, and payment tools with those trusted individuals and companies, maintain your current level of service and satisfaction, and still enjoy our time- (and money-) saving resources with the free SendWork app. Yes free!

2) Reliable Service When You Need It

Even if you’ve automated your property maintenance team through regular scheduling and advance appointment bookings, SendWork makes it easy to quickly respond to any issue that might arise unexpectedly.

  • Airbnb and homeowner renters – Book a last-minute rental and your property needs sprucing up? Request an immediate clean and make your rental sparkle.
  • Toilet won’t stop running and it’s keeping your guest up in the middle of the night? Have your handyperson there first thing in the morning to fix that pesky leak.
  • Condominium management companies – There’s been a leak in the building and you need to contact your existing contractor. It’s an emergency and you need to track his whereabouts en-route.
  • Windstorm fill the property pool with leaves and grass clippings a day before the big Fourth of July condominium party? Schedule an emergency visit from your pool care professional.
  • Realtors – You are out of the office and about to show potential clients a new home and you are not sure if the cleaner has been to the apartment you are about to show.

SendWork is the property management app that lets you schedule both advance and immediate appointments so you can respond immediately to any problems quickly.

3) Accurate Billing, Down to the Minute

SendWork uses GPS tracking to let you keep tabs on every phase of the job. You can see where your contractors are at every phase of the project: when they’re traveling to your property, when they arrive, and when they leave.

This adds an extra layer of security to our accurate time tracking so you never get billed for time your contractors aren’t putting in.

And our fast and easy payment processing is always accurate and secure with ACH, wire, cash, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and Paypal options as well as credit card payments allowing you to pay or, forward the invoices onto the relevant persons to pay.

4) Real-Time Job Updates

Our property management app includes multiple communication channels including:

  • Real-Time Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Text Chat (with instantaneous Spanish and English bilingual translation)

That means you’re always in touch with your contractors. Deliver detailed instructions, last-minute adjustments, and request real-time updates on to see what your property looks like and how the job is going.

5) Happy Renters.

The SendWork property management app lets you create an effortless hotel-style experience for your rental property guests. You can schedule contractors when they’re out for the day so your guests never see anybody—just a sparkling clean property. Or, if your guests need something right away, you can have a contractor at the door within minutes.

Isn’t the most effective measure of any property management app is how happy your guests are?

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If you’re looking for a new, easier, more powerful property management app and want to start with the best, download SendWork today. It’s available on all mobile platforms and completely free.

See how easy remote management of your Airbnb, Vrbo and Homeaway properties can really be.

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