Miami is Home to a New Tech Company

 Opportunities in Miami

Miami, FL— Dec. 06 — Many people ask why we decided to launch our SendWork mobile App in Miami rather than some tech hotspot in California like San Francisco or LA. Sure, Miami is a hot prospect no matter how you look at it. It’s a seaside paradise that also happens to be one of the fastest growing business-oriented metropolises in the country. But that doesn’t quite get to the heart of the matter. The answer is a bit complicated; however, what it boils down to is that Miami was simply the best place in The United States to launch our company.

SendWork is a part of the growing on-demand economy that’s quickly replacing traditional employer/employee relationships here in The United States. We give people who are in need of a specific service (say home cleaning for example) direct access to professionals in that specific niche. We also give those professionals the digital tools they need to market themselves and their business. In addition, we provide all the resources that both parties need to have a successful working relationship from beginning to end with exclusive technology like our chat feature (that comes complete with automatic, instantaneous bilingual translation).

But why launch the SendWork mobile App in Miami? There are a number of factors that figured into our equation, factors that exist only here in the greater Miami area.

Large Target Audience

There is an ever-growing population here in the greater Miami area. It’s a wide and varied population with dozens of subsets from young urban professionals to well-off retirees to adventurous LGBTQ and non-binary individuals looking for excitement and opportunity. Within just a few miles of each other, you’ll find luxury executive apartments in high-rise condominiums, gated communities and planned housing developments catering to a wide variety of income levels, old stately “mansions” that have become home to growing young families, and everything in between.

The one thing that all these homes have in common is that they sell quickly. Why? Because Miami is an attractive place to live for so many different types of people.

This increasing population is the perfect audience for the SendWork App. We provide connections to skilled workers who can, in turn, free up personal time, take care of pesky chores, and help anyone get necessary deeds done on time and on budget.

Huge Pool of Qualified Freelance Workers

Because Miami is so popular with well-off and affluent individuals, the service community that exists here to cater to those individuals is huge. Think about all the restaurants, the high-rise hotels, the beach resorts, the country clubs. . . Now think about all the people necessary to make those service outlets run smoothly.

But, you say, aren’t those workers already employed? Some of them. Yes. But SendWork doesn’t just provide income potential for people who aren’t employed. SendWork was designed specifically to provide additional income opportunities to people who are underemployed.

In fact, the initial “targets” for our new freelance employment mobile App in Miami were people in the hotel industry looking for more hours or a way to earn income in their off hours. By providing excellent marketing, task management, and payment processing tools, SendWork helps these individuals find more work, earn more money, and better support themselves and their families.

An Abundance of Income

Let’s face it, not just everybody is willing to hire a freelance house cleaner to come into their home and spruce things up. It takes a certain type of person to download the SendWork App and make full use of its potential. That person needs to:

  • Be just a bit tech savvy (or at least not technophobic)
  • Have the need for freelance service providers
  • Have the funds available to pay for said provider

In short, the ideal client for SendWork’s network of freelance service professionals is a person who has the resources to pay someone else to the things they either don’t want to do (like laundry) or simply don’t have time to do (like clean their rental properties between each tenant). Yet that person also has to be ready and willing to cut the cord and ditch traditional cleaning services with their expensive rates, binding contracts, and frustrating scheduling limitations.

Miami is full of those sorts of people—the ones who really know the value of their own time and know that sometimes it’s “cheaper” to hire someone else to do the work for you.

The Market Gap

But perhaps the most crucial element of why we decided to launch the SendWork freelance service professional mobile App in Miami is the gap that exists here between service providers and clients.

Many people who have the skill necessary to perform those essential but time-consuming chores with ease and efficiency:

1) Don’t speak English (which is routed in large migrations to Miami of Latin communities over the years that work hard, pay their taxes but typically are of an older generation that has found learning a new language very challenging).

2)  Don’t have any way to connect with affluent clients who need their services

SendWork bridges that gap by eliminating both of those obstacles!

We provide direct (and easy) contact between service providers and clients who need their skills. We also provide a much more secure working environment than you’d ever find on nationwide job boards with their anonymous advertisements and little-to-no qualification standards.

In addition, our bilingual chat translator allows service providers who don’t speak English well to find jobs they might not have otherwise known existed. It also allows the clients who post those jobs to communicate directly with those service providers whether they speak Spanish or not.

The Perfect Opportunity for the Perfect Mobile App

In short, the socioeconomic conditions that exist in Miami made it the perfect place for SendWork to launch its freelance job App. There are plenty of people with valuable skills who have the opportunity to spread their wings and earn. There are also plenty of people in need of those skills who are willing and able to pay for them.

SendWork simply levels the playing field (or perhaps creates a new one!) where both of those parties can connect with confidence.

About SendWork

SendWork Provider is a Worker Field Service Contractor Management App aimed at contractors and businesses that work in the field. SendWork enables contractor businesses to keep in close contact with their clients via the customers peer-to-peer SendWork App allowing calendar scheduling, communicating, invoicing and payments in one connected hub that creates repeat business and customer loyalty. Customers can download the free SendWork App and add their own contractors