The Top 10 Benefits of Working Freelance

We’re raised to believe in traditional career roles. We’re taught we will either be an employee or an employer. Find a job working for someone else or run your own company. But those are just two options. There is a third and it’s a wonderfully freeing career path available to everyone—the path of the freelance worker.

Freelance workers aren’t technically employees (yet they still do work for people). They aren’t necessarily business owners (though many are). Think of freelance workers as independent contractors who work on a project-by-project basis or within short-term contracts—contracts that they negotiate.

But what’s the attraction to this style of career?

Why Would Anyone Choose to Work Freelance?

1. Make Your Own Schedule

Clients often do have specific schedules but there’s the ultimate option if you want to do the work. This makes freelance work great for earning if you have other commitments.

2. Choose Who You Work For

When you’re a freelancer, the people you work for are not your employers—they’re your clients. You get to choose!

3. You are the Boss

Whether you choose to start your own freelancing business or to just pick up a few jobs here and there, you are your own boss. You can take on as many jobs as you want and take time off when you need it

4. You Earn More

Average freelancers earn 45% more than traditional employees. Imagine 45% more freedom, your family’s life 45% better, your wallet 45% fuller. Plus, self-employed or partially self-employed individuals can claim many more tax deductions including mileage, vehicle maintenance and upkeep, and the cost of supplies. In short, you keep more of what you earn.

5. The Sky is the Limit

As an employee you’re limited as to how high up the ladder you can climb. Educational requirements, “office politics,” and outdated “career paths” keep you from progressing. When you freelance, you can be as successful as you want to. All it takes is time and effort.

6. A Sense of Pride

The quality of the product or service you provide rest solely on you. That may mean you have to work a little harder but it also means that you can take pride in and ownership of the work you do.

7. Learn-as-You-Go

For a freelancer on-the-job training doesn’t involve cheesy videos some guy in a cubicle made. Instead, learn more about your trade as you work! While overcoming challenges in the moment can be a bit scary, it’s rewarding. (Plus more experience means you can charge more for your services.)

8. Job Variety

Sick of doing the same thing every day? Freelance workers are always working new jobs and doing new things. Sure, many of the jobs are similar but they’re all a little (sometimes a lot) unique and exciting.

9. No “Office Drama”

Co-workers constantly complain or bring their personal life to work? Independent freelancers don’t normally have any co-workers. And, on the rare occasions when they do, it’s only for the duration of one job.

10. It’s Easier than You Think

You’re starting from the ground up. You’re choosing to do something you already know how to do. That makes the transition into freelance working easier. You’ll have to learn a few tricks to become an expert freelancer but those will come with time.

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