What is Contractor Relationship Management (CRM) Software (and Why Do You Need It)?

When you’re just starting out as a small business, it’s tempting to cut cost anywhere you can. You might think that pen and paper project tracking, generic time tracking and invoicing software, or the calendar built into your phone are the best low-cost tools available to you. Unfortunately, if you rely on that outdated contract management software (and old school hardware), you’re likely cutting into your own efficiency. And when you cut into your billable time, you’re automatically decreasing your per job profits.

CRM for contractors

Sure, it may not be a big line item and may only add up to a few dollars here and there. But when every dollar counts toward your bottom line, when every project’s profits are directly tied to the survival of your freelance company, when that dollar comes out of the money you have available for your family you should be guarding your money more carefully.

CRM for field services contractor businesses

Software That Saves You time

Project management software is an integrated solution to all of your business management needs. Instead of relying on multiple platforms to track pieces of your projects, you can track all the aspects of every one of your projects within a single program.

Indeed, options like SendWork allow you to:

  • Find new clients
  • Schedule new appointments
  • Communicate directly with existing clients
  • Automatically track time (thus billable hours)
  • Automatically generate invoices (even for clients who don’t use SendWork’s mobile App)
  • Accept payments via multiple options (including easy, hassle-free credit card payments)
  • Get money directly into your bank

By consolidating all of these tasks into a single App, you’re freed from the hassle of juggling multiple mobile and desktop applications. You’re also freed from creating, filing, and chasing down paper records (like time cards and invoices). And, by automating many essential processes (like time tracking and invoice creation) you’re free to rack up those billable hours—not spend hours on necessary paperwork.

And in your business time is money.

But Does Contractor Relationship Management Software (Like SendWork) Save You Money?

SendWork is free for your customers. That’s right. There’s no direct out of pocket costs for your customers.

That there can save you hundreds of dollars per year compared with piecemeal Apps that only accomplish a fraction of the tasks SendWork is able to handle.

SendWork also eliminates the need for a variety of other business related services you may currently be using.

  • Your paid time tracking App—you can scrap that.
  • Your off-the-shelf invoicing software—no longer needed.
  • Your expensive credit card processing service—we handle that.

That’s another round of savings that you can reinvest into your company or put right in your pocket.

And if you still choose to use industry-leading HR and Payroll companies—SendWork will soon be 100% compatible with easy integration.

Less Hassle, More Money, More Time

When your backend operation of your business is streamlined through the use of contractor management software (like SendWork), you’ll find you have more free time, more money, and fewer hassles. And your clients will notice the difference as well.

Indeed, consolidating every aspect of your project management in software like SendWork allows you to present a better customer experience from the start. Better customer experiences result in better online reviews, more repeat business, and an increased ability to upsell current and future clients.

In Addition, our App is always improving with new additions and features custom-tailored to hard-working entrepreneurs like yourself.

Interested in streamlining your businesses backend while improving customer relations? Give SendWork a try. Sign-up for today and see how much easier running a truly organized business can be.