SendWork Now Boasts Features Managers Need to Streamline Workflow & Provide Better Customer Service

Miami, Florida: Newly updated SendWork Android mobile app now lets contractor businesses in various industries control the workflow for up to 50 field workers at one time from their smartphones.

SendWork is a custom-built mobile application designed to facilitate the day-to-day management of contractors in a variety of professions (HVAC, house and office cleaning, in-home spa treatment and more!) The new SendWork Android Provider app latest version boast an impressive array of features that will revolutionize the way contractor businesses work in the field.

For Contractors and Businesses that Work in the Field

The app offers managers multiple features including:

  • Add new and existing customers
  • Schedule customers
  • Customer app for calendar syncing,  invoicing and payments.
  • Fast and easy customer two-way communication via text message, voice or video chat, and bilingual text chat (with instantaneous English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation).
  • Assign work to workers in the field
  • GPS tracking of workers (great for estimating arrival times and tracking time at job sites)
  • Full-featured scheduling calendar with Google integration and push notification reminders
  • Customer-driven interaction (including appointment scheduling, payment, and more)
  • Time tracking, invoicing, and payment processing all from one single app

As SendWork’s creator, Martha Hampton, says: SendWork is “. . . everything that you would require from an office in your pocket!”

SendWork allows professional service contractors to integrate existing customers into their SendWork app, in addition to finding new clients and connecting company workers this allows managers to oversee all of their work from one simple application. This is perfect for small service-based businesses that are already up and running but need a better way to work.

Multiple Pricing Plans Scaled to Fit Any Size Business

SendWork was created to be flexible and responsive for any size business. The app is simple but powerful enough for contractors to build and oversee an entire team of up to 50 subcontractors and freelance workers in the field. Scalability is built into SendWork’s pricing plan as well with multiple tiers offering a variety of affordable options.

  • Independent Contractor: 14-day free trial then  $19.99 per month.
  • Contractor Business Pro 10: 14-day free trial then $39.99 per month.
  • Contractor Business Pro 20: $139 per month. Manage and assign work for up to 20 workers.
  • Contractor Business Pro 50: $339 per month. Manage and assign work for up to 50 workers.

Affordable Payment Processing Made Easy

SendWork payment processing streamlines backend operations. SendWork eliminates the need for standalone bookkeeping software. The app integrates time tracking, billing and invoicing, and payment processing internally and allows contractors to accept payment via:

  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Zelle
  • Paypal
  • ACH payments
  • Wire payments
  • And even Checks

With credit card transaction fees as low as 2.9% (plus a 30 cent processing fee) SendWork is even more affordable than some processing offered by local banking institutions.

Updated App Available in the Google Play Store

SendWork’s latest version is available for download today in the Google Play Store. Enjoy a no-obligation free trial period of 30 days with two of SendWork’s most popular pricing plans and learn how your business can benefit from an all-in-one mobile hiring, management, and payment processing platform on your mobile device.


About SendWork

SendWork is a Service Contractor Management App aimed at contractors and businesses that work in the field. SendWork enables contractors to keep in close contact with their clients via the customers peer-to-peer SendWork app allowing calendar scheduling, communicating, invoicing and payments in one instant and connected cloud hub that creates repeat business and customer loyalty. Customers can download the free SendWork App and add their own contractors.