New SendWork Provider App Allows Spanish-Speaking and Bilingual Workers Access to New Markets

According to the NY Post there are more than 41 million native Spanish speakers in in The United States today and another 11 million people who speak both Spanish and English. But in the competitive service job  market in the greater Miami area English is still the language of the realm. That language barrier is the biggest obstacle that hard-working, entrepreneurial freelancers have to overcome in order to prosper. But a new App, SendWork, seeks to level the playing field and give these ambitious individuals the ability to reach markets and clients previously denied them but to compete as equals with their English-speaking counterparts.

What is SendWork?

SendWork is a powerful new mobile application that connects freelance service Providers (housekeepers and cleaners) with the Clients who need them. It’s like online job boards in that respect but SendWork includes many more resources and functionality that make the interaction between Clients and Providers smoother and more profitable for both parties. For instance, instead of requiring job seekers to spend hours searching through websites, job openings come to them. And every job posting is location specific so Providers only see openings in their preferred travel area.

Other unique innovations packaged within the SendWork framework include:

  • Bi-lingual automatic translation (English and Spanish)
  • Work locations in real-time GPS
  • Booking and Calendar scheduler with alarm
  • Live chat
  • Debit and Credit Card payment features
  • Automatic Bank deposits
  • Recurring work schedules

and so much more.

Why SendWork is Essential for Miami Service Businesses

SendWork was created by Martha Hampton, a native of Colombia who came to Miami years ago. As an expert in the hospitality and luxury property management, Martha witnessed for years the struggle that hard-working  Spanish-speaking individuals faced when seeking secondary jobs in their off time to supplement their income and provide better lives for their families,. These individuals went to great lengths only to be denied access to profitable markets simply because they either didn’t speak the language at all or didn’t speak it well enough to break in.

That’s why when the concept of SendWork was born Martha insisted it contains tools that would allow these entrepreneurial individuals to take advantage of their hard-earned skills and prosper.

What Makes SendWork so Powerful

SendWork was built with integrated translation software allowing Provider and Client to communicate easily even if they’re speaking different languages.

If the Provider is English speaking, they receive job requests in English—simple as that. If the Provider only speaks Spanish (or is more comfortable speaking Spanish), SendWork automatically translates any English job request and description into Spanish. (The reverse is also true.)

Where SendWork really shines though is after the service Provider and the Client connect. Communication via SendWork’s built-in chat feature becomes effortless as all chat communications are automatically translated into the correct language instantly!

Helping Spanish-Speakers Live the American Dream

This ability to tap into an English-speaking job market allows hard-working Spanish speakers to reach clients they would have not otherwise been able to speak to let alone work for. This dramatically expands the number of jobs a service Provider is qualified for immediately. Those extra opportunities translate directly into more money in their pockets and money translates into opportunities. With those extra funds, entrepreneurs can reinvest in their businesses, expand their horizons, and live more comfortably.

And helping people use their skills to live better is what Martha Hampton dreamed of when she herself came to America.

Download SendWork Today

If you’d like to start earning money in your free time (or even lay the first brick of your very own freelance business) download the SendWork App and become a SendWork Provider today. There are no joining fees, no subscription fees or out of pocket expenses to SendWork Providers. It is totally free to use as a SendWork Provider.

Download SendWork Provider

SendWork will be branching out all over Miami (and beyond) in the coming months. So check back often.)