Quit Playing Phone Tag

One of the biggest hassles you face when hiring a service professional is the communication barrier. Can you get in touch with them whenever you want? Do they answer their phone or text messages right away? Do you have to leave messages and wait for a response? It’s frustrating and can make scheduling personal activities, work, and family time difficult to say the least.

But SendWork eliminates the guesswork and frustration of trying to communicate in “old fashioned” ways with your service professionals. The handy Live Chat feature gives you true one-to-one control any time day or night.

Pro User Tip: Not in the same Zip Code as your service professional? Add the address of the property you’ll be sending workers to in your Profile. That way, when you turn on the SendWork App, you’ll only see available workers (and your favorites) within that area. You can even book your favorite freelance service professional from across the Globe!

The Benefits of Real-Time Communication Chat Features

Live Chat allows you to directly communicate with the service professionals you’ve hired in order to give instructions, clarify issues, or even reschedule your appointments. No muss, no fuss. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is sorted. They get the clarity of knowing what you want. Everyone is happy!

Plus, as an added benefit, our Live Chat feature comes with instant English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation software that allows parties to converse in the language they are most comfortable with. No more instructions literally “lost in translation.”

The only caveat is that you either have to have an open working relationship with a provider or you have to have them in your Favorites List to use the Live Chat.

SendWork’s Favorites Lists—All of the Best Pros at Your Fingertips

What is your Favorites Lists? It’s simply a hand-picked list of service professionals that you’ve enjoyed working within the past. The list is separate from the main SendWork pool of service professionals so you can find, connect with, and schedule appointments for those individuals with just a few taps on the screen.

All you have to do to add a pro to your personal list is click the “Add to Favorites List” button.

And while adding a “favorite” makes things easier for you, it’s great for them as well. Providers who earn repeat work become loyal regular workers at the end of the day.

Recurring Appointments Make Your Life Easier

Do you enjoy stability and regularity in your routines? Do you love the service you’ve been getting from your freelance service professional? Want to have them pop over on a regular basis? You can do that right from our App! Simply set up a recurring appointment with that service pro using the advance scheduling functionality of our calendar feature.

You can have your pro come one a week, once a month, or when the seasons change without fail.

Setting up recurring appointments:

  • Frees you from worry about scheduling
  • Ensures that the job (whatever it is) is always done when you want it to be
  • Allows your pro to schedule their lives around your jobs
  • Keeps everything running smoothly by minimizing the risk of forgotten appointments

But what if life throws you a curveball?

Rescheduling Your Appointments

Life is hectic. Things come up that are beyond your control. SendWork was built with “life proof” flexibility so you’re never caught between a rock and a hard place.

You can use SendWork’s instant Live Chat feature to get in touch with your cleaner at a moment’s notice in order to cancel, postpone, or reschedule. You have complete flexibility and there are no penalties—ever.

If your appointment is 48hrs or further out, you can cancel at a moment’s notice with the push of a button.

If your appointment is within the next 48 hours but you need to cancel or reschedule, you can Live Chat to change the date and time instantly!

Don’t Be a Slave to Technology—Make It Work for You

SendWork gives you complete control over everything—as it should be. We’re not in the business of telling you when providers will come to you. Our App was designed from the ground up to maximize your time by allowing you to outsource common chores, errands, and repairs quickly and easily. Your App’s control panel is your key to less work, more “you time”,” and more freedom. Let us help you learn to make the most of it.