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Make the Most of Your Time by Outsourcing

Living in one of the nation’s busiest urban centers can be exciting, fast-paced, and a dream come true for upwardly mobile young professionals. But it can also be time consuming. If you’re constantly on the go the last thing you need eating into your productive and playtime are routine chores. Why waste valuable hours doing boring old home housecleaning chores? Opt for a choreless lifestyle.

You could contract with a service to get these necessities done by professionals but that can get costly. You could hire through an online database like Craigslist but those sites are anonymous and there’s no way to tell if the people you’re hiring have the skills you need, are reliable, or are even trustworthy. (How many stories have you heard about people getting scammed by unscrupulous criminals using fake or inaccurate online profiles to get through the door?)

There is a better way!

Choreless lifestyle

Safe, Secure and Reliable Freelance Providers

SendWork began as an easy way for busy people in Miami to connect with skilled home cleaning service provider—gardeners, window cleaners, house cleaners, etc.—to get those bothersome “chores” done on schedule without having to contract with a traditional service. But the keystones of this revolutionary mobile hiring platform are its vetting process and the connectivity/security features integrated into our App.


Every service provider who applies to become part of the SendWork network must pass a national criminal background checks via an independent member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). This takes away the anonymity that unscrupulous predators hide behind and ensures that every provider you contact has a clean background.


Integrated geolocation which provides real-time GPS tracking of your service provider. You always know where they are and when they’re due to arrive—no more hanging around waiting for a service provider or chasing them down through phone calls!


Push message technology allows you to “ping” them at any time if you need to get in touch quickly. Last minute change of plans or need to reschedule? No problem!

Peace of Mind

Live messenger chat lets you digitally “speak” securely to your service provider without ever having to give out your phone number. And the App is bilingual

Who are these Professional Freelance Service Providers?

These are hardworking professionals who have the skills you need and the availability to fit your busy schedule. Typically, the providers you’ll see listed on SendWork are within 5 miles of your current location (minutes away) and can be retained on an as-needed basis—even same day—without any long term contracts.

This freedom to find great service providers to get your home chores done has propelled SendWork to the forefront of mobile-based work-for-hire platforms in Miami. And we’re expanding.

In addition to the current service providers we already offer, we’re adding several more categories in the near future based on popular demand:

  • Cooks/chefs
  • Servers/temporary wait staff
  • Gardeners
  • Pool Maintenane
  • Window cleaners
  • And more!

Find the Perfect Service Provider for Whatever You Need

If you need a helping hand to live your life to the fullest, give SendWork a try and experience the peace of mind that dealing with thoroughly vetted professional service providers can afford.

Opt for a choreless lifestyle

We’ll text you a link to download the app