Chores We dislike the Most!

From folding the laundry to cleaning under the bed, we all have those annoying household chores we dislike. It should come as no surprise that everyone you know (and everyone you don’t) is in the same boat—trudging through these boring, time-consuming, chores week after week. However, it might come as a shock just how many of those disliked chores we have in common. New research from household cleaner giant Proctor & Gamble (now affectionately known as P&G) and an unscientific poll from across the pond shows no matter where we come from we all dislike the same chores just as much.

If you’re a neatnik, a germophobe, or suffer from a mild case of OCD buckle up—here come the 7 nastiest chores we dislike the most.

1) Cleaning the Bathroom

According to P&G (which surveyed several real-life “moms”) cleaning the bathroom ranks high on everyone’s list of most disliked chores. Of course you have the soap scum in the shower and the shaving residue in the sink and the toothpaste on the mirror but the bathroom is—of course—home to the commode, that most disliked of necessities. And while cleaning the toilet is (surprisingly) not number one on everybody’s list of most disliked household chores, it ranks high up there. So next time you cringe at the thought of breaking out that toilet brush, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

2) Doing the Dishes

Cleaning up after dinner, breakfast, or birthday parties is one of the most annoying chores we all have to deal with. While washing the dishes isn’t exactly as gross as scrubbing the toilet, it’s time consuming and can be frustrating—especially when you spot those crusty leftovers on supposedly “clean” dishes. And most people rank doing the dishes equally as annoying whether they have a dishwasher or not!

3) Laundry

How much do we dislike doing the laundry? In the P&G survey mentioned above laundry appeared on the list twice! For most of us we just toss the wash in the machine and forget about it. That becomes something of a challenge if you have kids (who seem to wear everything in their closet every day) and even more of one if you actually care about the clothing you wear. Doing laundry can be a bit like watching a magic show:  when your clothes go into that spectacular machine will they come out the same way you remember them or permanently altered in some horrible way?

4) Washing the Floors

Floors have been the bane of neatniks since we were all living in huts and cabins in the wilderness. We devote so much thought to tidying up that we’ve created a whole subculture within the home cleaning goods devoted to spotless floors. You have the traditional broom and dustpan, the dry mop, the Swiffer (and all of its variations), and about a hundred different types of mops to choose from. Keeping floors clean takes so much time and effort that some geniuses even created robotic machines that will (allegedly) do the work for you.

5) Vacuuming

Carpets are like miniature jungles which hide everything from dust mites and allergens to punji stick-like Legos for you to step on in the middle of the night. And if you have pets, the carpet becomes a catchall for dirt, hair, and other assorted nastiness. Enter the vacuum! But does your vacuum really suck all that junk up? And how much time do you spend rolling over the same spot again and again trying to get every last speck? It’s no surprise that vacuuming made the list of the most time-consuming and disliked chores on both sides of The Pond.

6) Taking Out the Trash

It doesn’t seem like much of a chore but taking out the trash is a necessity and if you skip it just once your waste basket won’t let you forget. The bin (and the questionable substances inside) can turn an otherwise spotless apartment into a stinky mess in no time—especially in the Florida heat! This particular chore almost didn’t make P&G’s list of disliked household chores because people couldn’t seem to muster enough emotion about it one way or another. It just exists as a sort of annoyance—an itch that none of us can scratch quite well enough.

7) Ironing

The poll mentioned above found that ironing may actually be one of the most disliked household chores—even more so that cleaning the toilet!  It may seem strange that running an iron over a board can generate more disgust than scrubbing who-knows-what on your hands and knees but 50% of people asked report that they absolutely dislike doing it. What’s even worse? 1/3 of us will actually skip the ironing altogether because we dislike it so much. It’s time consuming, requires a moderate amount of skill to do correctly, and (if done incorrectly) can permanently ruin our favorite garments in an instant. Plus the results have a direct impact on the visual impression that we all make when meeting new people and even hanging out with old friends.

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