Hosting a Dinner Party? Let Us Help!

Having friends over for dinner is a great way to reconnect and pass the time pleasurably. Inviting new acquaintances or colleagues from work for a meal lets you build strong relationships. Having extended family over for the first time is a great way to make a good impression. But the stress that comes along with hosting a dinner party is not fun at all.

You have to plan the meal, cook (or arrange for the cooking), gather the sundry items you’ll need like decorations, the right wines, and dessert. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is ready to pass inspection. Dust bunnies, fingerprint smudges, dirty bathrooms—they’re a part of everyday life but they can really ruin that great impression that you’ve worked so hard to make. But does your busy schedule even leave any time for cleaning?

Don’t Worry. SendWork’s professional house cleaners can help.

A Spotless Home Before and After your Next Dinner Party Without Lifting a Finger

Need a Quick Clean Before the Guests Arrive?

Our On-Demand Cleaning App lets you connect with house cleaners in your area who are ready, willing, and able to work (often at a moment’s notice). You can simply select a provider, put in a job request, and that provider will be at your door in a jiffy.

It’s a great way to get your place spotless before the guests arrive. You get exceptional work from a professional cleaner without the hassles of hiring a fulltime maid service or signing a contract with a nationwide chain.

Our house cleaners are freelance professionals who can:

  • Spot clean your entire apartment or condo
  • Tidy up the kitchen and dining areas
  • Refresh your guest rooms
  • Deep clean the bathroom

And any of these services can be chosen a la carte via our fixed price job menu or you can hire our cleaners at our affordable hourly rate to do whatever needs doing to get your place spotless and ready for your dinner guests.

The more work they do, the less you have to. Without worrying about how clean your apartment is you can focus on presenting a delicious meal in a gorgeous setting while playing the gracious host.

Don’t Worry About the Clean Up After

Congratulations! Your dinner party was a success! The meal was sumptuous. The wine exceptional. The desert decadent. Now it’s time for bed, right?

Who is going to do all the clean up?

Do you really have the energy to clean up after your dinner party? But what happens if you leave it all for tomorrow? Do you really want to wake up and have that chore staring you in the face? Let SendWork help put things back in order while you relax and recover.

Our professional cleaning service provides talented men and women who can quickly and easily get your apartment, condo, or home back in order after a party. Our house cleaners in the Miami area can:

  • Clean the kitchen after you’ve done all the cooking (including loading the dishwasher!)
  • Recover the dining and entertainment areas (including outdoor patios)
  • Take out the trash
  • Vacuum, sweep, mop up any crumbs or spills
  • Wipe down your tables, counters, prep surfaces, and those nooks and crannies in which guests always seem to hide their plates and drinkware
  • Refresh your bathrooms
  • And more!

You can use our mobile application to hire a cleaner in the Miami area whenever you need them. But, if you’ve planned your dinner party in advance, you can schedule a cleaner to arrive at your door ready to work when the party is over (or even the next morning). The peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be back to normal soon lets you sleep soundly.

And you can trust every one of our hardworking, honest house cleaners. SendWork vets every service provider and these pros must pass a nationwide background check before they’re ever allowed into our network. Plus, with GPS tracking and instant bi-lingual chat options, our mobile applications lets you know exactly where your cleaner is and what they’re doing at all times.

Take the Hassle Out of Party Planning

Let SendWork worry about the clean-up before and after your next dinner party and see how liberating hiring a professional house cleaner can be. Free yourself to be the best dinner host you can be and leave your guests with a great impression. And with the easy clean-up wrapped up, you can move on to planning your next dinner party.

Download our free mobile application and find your perfect clean today.