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Whether you started your cleaning company as a one-person-show or started with a small staff right out of the gate, there will come a time when hiring more people not only makes sense but becomes essential in order to keep your business booming. But hiring more staff, booking more clients, and keeping even more properties spotless can become too much to handle if you don’t streamline the project management process. That’s why, when your house cleaning business grows, you need a job management app that grows with it. SendWork is the perfect companion for your mobile house cleaning business because it grows with you, letting you pick and choose the functionality you use without hooking you into buying upgrades or purchasing add-ons. You get full access to our powerful suite of business management tools from day 1.

But what can SendWork do for your growing house cleaning service?

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Manage Staff Schedules

If you’ve only got one other cleaner, you can do a pretty good job of managing their schedules with a paper calendar and a pen. Add another and the process becomes infinitely more complicated. SendWork streamlines the process by using a scheduling tool that allows you to shift things around, add more cleaners, and drop in appointments at the push of a button.

Our powerful scheduling suite lets you manage multiple cleaners’ schedules at a glance, add more appointments to maximize efficiency, and even lets clients request a cleaning with the push of a button if one of your team is available.

One of your staff had a family emergency? You can easily assign another cleaner to take the appointment with just a tap!

Plus, your cleaner gets reminders automatically. They’ll receive notification (via push notifications right to their phone) that they have a cleaning appointment 1 day in advance and then again 1 hour in advance. Never keep your clients waiting again.

And there’s no limit to the number of cleaners you can add under your business’s umbrella.

Assign Cleaners to Specific Jobs

As the business manager, you’ll be able to assign individual cleaners to specific jobs. By doing so, you can create customer loyalty by always sending the right cleaner to the right house. That preferred cleaner becomes the “public face” of your company and creates that all-important first impression.

Have a job that requires more than one person? You can easily assign multiple cleaners to a job in order to get it done quickly. Even rush jobs (like after-party cleanups) are no hassle when you can give your team a boost with the push of a button.

Track Your Team in the Field

One thing you can’t do with a paper schedule is track your team once they leave the home office. Are they at the jobsite? Are they stuck in traffic? Have they completed one job already and are ready for the next? No need to play phone tag or get tangled up in a group text. SendWork has built-in GPS tracking (which pairs with navigation services for the cleaner) and automatic notifications which let you know when your cleaners arrive at a jobsite and when they leave. With this easy-to-use tracking service you’ll always know where your team is when they’re on the clock so your clients will always know when they’re due to arrive. Eliminate wasted hours and maximize your productivity with SendWork.

Notify Clients when the Job is Done

Because you get a notification when the job is complete, you can keep your clients in-the-know at a moment’s notice. This feature is great for those rush jobs that the client needs done pronto. By giving them the information they need, you make their lives easier and thus become the solution to their problems! Talk about building customer loyalty!

Request and Accept Payment Remotely

One of the biggest hassles of managing a growing cleaning business is the backend accounting. Tracking time, invoicing, accepting payments—it can all eat into billable hours and can often be a headache. SendWork streamlines the entire process by:

  • Automatically tracking your cleaners time on the job
  • Easily generating invoices at the push of the button (Which you can send to clients even if they don’t use the companion SendWork app)
  • Accept multiple forms of payment (including credit cards) and deposit those payments directly into your bank account

Plus, all of these financials are tracked accurately and recorded for you. When it comes tax time, you’ll have all the information you need to make filing easy.

One Cleaner or a Whole Crew—SendWork Works for You

Whether you’ve been in business for a few days or a few years, SendWork can help you make the hassle of managing a growing cleaning business easier. Dig out from under all that paperwork and put those piecemeal mobile software programs away. Download our full-featured solution today and see how our business management app can save your cleaning business time and money.