Free Condominium and Home Associations Software that Works

Schedule your existing contractors workers and take control of your busy day

Are you part of any Condominium or Home Association? Do you remotely manage condominiums? If you do, you know that time is your most precious commodity. Your job keeps you so busy that sometimes that it’s impossible to carve out time for yourself, for family, or for other clients.

Don’t let the hassle of routine maintenance or emergency repairs derail your life for days. Take control of your condo property management with the push of a few buttons. SendWork offers free powerful condominium and property management software so you can streamline your life by connecting your contractors in one easy to use management App.

SendWork App on Google Play

Already have contractors you love working with?

Add them to the SendWork family and you can use our app to manage your working relationship as well. You get the same great service they’ve always delivered with streamline management tools like a suite of instant communication options, GPS tracking, invoice, and swift secure payments. Know where your service contractors are at all times when they are working inside a specific unit/building.

Pay Safely, Securely, and With Confidence

And when it comes time to pay, SendWork has streamlined the entire process. Fast, efficient, and instantaneous invoicing lets you see just exactly how much you owe without waiting for a bill in the mail or fiddling with email attachments.

And paying couldn’t be easier. Use your credit or debit card to pay instantly and the funds are transferred securely directly to your contractor’s bank account within minutes. No messing with paper checks or waiting days for bank transactions to process. Smooth features allowing you to pay using Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Wire, ACH and cash payments.
Or, simply hand the invoice to the accounting department to allow payments at a later date as you normally do.

Comfort and Convenience in one Free App

SendWork offers condominium managers the peace of mind they deserve. You know you’re always working with proven professionals and you don’t have to give up long-standing relationships with the hardworking contractors you know and love.

Handle all of your maintenance needs with the push of a few buttons no matter where you are and rest easy knowing the job will always get done right (and that you’ll only pay for the work that was actually done).

Are you tired of juggling multiple contractors the old fashioned way in order to keep your condominiums in tip-top shape? Download the free SendWork app today and see just how much easier your job can really be.