Customer relationship management (CRM) for small businesses in the field

SendWork is a powerful field service job management application that offers you an array of useful tools you need to make your life easier. Plus, the built-in features let you grow your profitability and provide better customer service automatically!

SendWork Provider App


GPS Geo-Location

The ability for your businesses to assign jobs to workers in the field and accurate GPS tracking of employees/workers

GPS Tracking

But we couldn’t be the best mobile App for field businesses in charge of multiple workers if we didn’t track project time accurately.

  • You get real-time accurate updates at a glance.
  • Your worker(s) can punch in and out via their own mobile app.
  • Clients can even check the status of their job via SendWork as well.

This time-tracking starts the minute contractors arrive at the job site and ends the minute they leave—clients are never overbilled, and your business is never shorted.

This lets you ensure you’re billing correctly which gives clients peace of mind knowing they’re only paying for work that was actually done. (Plus, your workers will enjoy the security of knowing they’re getting paid for all the hours they’re putting in.)


Remote operations

Contractor Business Office Environment


For small businesses in the field

SendWork began as a way for businesses to reach new on-demand clients via a job posting/talent search network. And while our App has grown since launch and now offers a ton of additional features beyond simply posting jobs, this core feature still shines, allowing field contractors in multiple industries from gardening to pool maintenance to remote property management to capture potential customers and clients who need their services.


Efficient workflow

Scheduling is crucial to your business. Nothing can mess up your workflow faster than a tardy employee and nothing can lose a client quicker than a missed appointment. But with SendWork, there’s no need for multiple calendars, mobile apps, or complicated whiteboards at the home office. SendWork offers powerful scheduling tools that let:

Flexible Scheduling and Accurate Time Management
  • Clients book contractors immediately (or at any time in the future)
  • Contractors schedule workers
  • Workers check their calendar

With just the push of a few buttons.


At an affordable price

If you’re building your business as a field contractor in any industry, it can be difficult to find the right software to help you run that business for a price you’re comfortable paying.

Know where your workers are at all times

Many companies offer desktop software and mobile applications at extremely high prices that contractors really don’t want to pay. Worse yet, these options often offer the wrong mix of productivity—either too much or too little—to get the job done (unless, of course, you pay an upcharge for an alternate version or accept limitations).


Quotes, invoicing and payments made easy

Getting paid should never be difficult but how often have you waited on a paper check, dealt with clients that don’t have cash-in-hand, or use credit cards (and expect you to absorb the payment processing fees)?

SendWork lets you take all the worry out of getting paid with:

Easy invoicing—completed automatically in most cases
The ability to manually enter hours and amounts (for non-traditional or hard to quantify jobs)
Multiple payment options including Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, ACH, Wire, Cards and even Cash entries
Fast processing—the money is instantly in your bank account when clients use credit cards
Low fees—lower-than-industry standard processing fees allow us to pass significant savings along to you


One easy to use App

  • Find new clients
  • Hire vetted workers
  • Communicate effectively with clients and workers
  • Manage jobs and track time easily and accurately
  • Process multiple forms of payment (including credit cards) quickly and affordable

All of this powerful functionality comes packaged in one easy-to-use mobile App with unlimited access in any of our multiple pricing plans. You get all the features you need at a price you can afford.

Our Contractor Business Pro package gives you everything you need to find and run multiple jobs, hire and manage multiple employees, streamline your accounting for just $39.99 per month!

Video and Audio Chat

Plus, with automatic reminders (with push notifications) sent to both the client and the worker, your team will never miss a job again.


We know that the life of a field service operator running a business in charge of multiple workers and job sites in any industry is hectic. Your business is your lifeblood but it’s also always changing and makes tremendous demands of your free time. We know our existing features will help you streamline, automate, and reduce some of your workload but we’re always looking toward the future. That’s why SendWork is constantly upgrading our mobile App by adding new features that our customers and contractors have requested. These upgrades and the tweaks we add ourselves are all aimed at making our client/job management app more powerful, easier to use, and valuable to you.

Interested in what SendWork can do for you? Download our App and look at all the features and services we offer. Try it with no obligation and get first-hand experience with why many people consider SendWork the best App for small businesses and contractors who need powerful yet affordable tools.