Field Services

Run your business from the palm of your hand!

SendWork is a full-featured app for individuals and companies that work remotely.

Designed to grow your business and build strong and everlasting relationships with your clients.

Built For Home Service Contractors

It’s everything that you would require from an office in your pocket!

Schedule and manage your jobs, get leads, organize your workers, and send quotes and invoices easily and directly.

Get paid faster with multiple payment methods.

Schedules, Bookings & Leads

New and existing clients

Add new and existing clients to your management app dashboard. When they download the companion app, you can communicate (via text, audio, and video). Clarify availability, check-in remotely, and ensure the job is getting done to your clients’ specifications.

Finding clients

Automatic lead generation draws new clients effortlessly. Potential clients use the SendWork app to find professionals—like you—in their local area and can offer work on the spot or schedule appointments through the app.

Shared calendars

Share calendars automatically among all parties (including clients) to eliminate scheduling errors. Alerts are sent via SMS, emails and push notifications 1 day prior to appointments and again 90 minutes before work is scheduled to start. You even get notifications when workers are en-route.


Automatic time-tracking is built-in for peace of mind. You and your clients know when workers arrive, when they finish, and just how long they are at a job site.

Clients in the loop

Two-way communication via the dashboard is essential. Clients can request work, clarify instructions, and pinpoint problems while you monitor and troubleshoot remotely. You have total control all the time and clients are always in the loop.

Card and e-money payments

Paying for work has never been easier. Receive payment in multiple ways (credit cards, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Cash, ACH, Wire and more) with automatic tracking and confirmation notifications plus detailed recordkeeping to make tax payroll a breeze.

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Estimates, Invoicing & Payments

Send work estimates

Clients using the SendWork App can quickly receive job estimates digitally –within minutes, not days. Expedite the job process and offer full transparency to increase productivity and eliminate misunderstandings.

Invoice Clients

Easily create professional invoices branded with your business name in just minutes. With many fields (like time tracking) automatically populated and the ability to send them digitally, SendWork invoices streamline the billing process for everyone.

Bill Tracking

SendWork estimates are easily converted into branded invoices you can send digitally. Request/receive payments from clients whether they use the companion SendWork app or not. (Invoices are linkable and can be delivered directly to their mobile devices.)

Get Paid

Accept payments in multiple forms including debit/credit card, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, ACH, Wire and more. You can even use SendWork for cash apps, wire transfers, and paper checks (though these methods are not integrated or automated).


Easily track payments throughout the process and receive notifications at every step. See when clients receive your invoice, when payment is pending, and when it’s processed. Late payments? You can even send reminders with the touch of a button


SendWork records and breaks down almost every aspect of your business’s backend with statement overviews available of your day-to-day job tracking. See job and payment status, contact information, and more for both clients and workers.

Time-Tracking & Job Management

Assign work to your workers

Easily assign work to any field assest on the fly. Add, edit, or remove jobs or add workers to any task. Workers receive changes instantly via their companion app and cellphone push notifications. Calendars are updated automatically.

Clock on, Clock off

Your workers clock in or out simply by the clicking “En-Route”, “Started”, and “Finished” buttons on their SendWork App. Know where they are (and what they’re doing) at a glance! All job time is automatically recorded for you.

Track an unlimited number of jobs

See all your scheduled tasks/jobs in one handy dashboard and have complete control over everything at all times. One worker or a hundred, one job or a dozen—you can add and assign daily, weekly and monthly.

Weekly Breakdown

Start the week right with a Monday morning digest. This quick breakdown shows jobs completed and pending, as well as which workers are assigned. Details include time-tracking so you know how much was used and how much remains.

Weekly Hours

Upload weekly timesheets to your payroll service in .CSV format—easily opened by QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto and more—for one-touch ease-of-use.

Worker dashboard

Stay in touch with remote workers via voice chat, email, and text. Easy access at all times lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your business and prevent problems before they arise.

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App to App Communications

Client notifications

Stay in touch via automatic email and cellphone push and SMS alerts when: work has been assigned, 1 day before the appointment, and again 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Reduce forgetfulness and increase customer service.


GPS and geolocation services let you see where your workers are in real-time. Know when they’ll arrive, how long they’ve been at a job site, and when the work is completed.

Direct Peer to Peer

Video chat eliminates “phone tag” and misunderstandings common to texting. Send clear messages to and get accurate updates from remote workers and customers from around the corner or around the world.

Bi-Lingual Chat

Eliminate misunderstandings and increase productivity—SendWork’s Live Text Chat includes instantaneous two-way bilingual translation so you can communicate with customers even when you don’t speak the language well.

Direct Access

Speak directly to remote customers even where cell service is spotty via WiFi connectivity. SendWork’s Audio and Video Chats lets you check in even when you’re miles away.


Payment processing at the push of a button! Receive payment requests, process payments, and receive confirmations from one handy dashboard without the need for paper invoices or checks