What’s the Difference Between a Landscape Gardener and a Gardener?

If you’re interested in sprucing up your outdoor areas and adding a splash of color it’s a good idea to consult a professional before you pick up a spade or head to the greenhouse. Even the most enthusiastic amateur can learn a thing or two about plants from a professional. Indeed, there are several critical choices which need to be made which could have long-lasting impacts on the yard work you’re putting in. But, one of the most important decisions you have to make when hiring a professional is whether you need a gardener or a landscape gardener. Don’t know the difference? Let us help you figure out which pro you need on your side for your garden renovation.

What is a Gardener?

A gardener is typically a person who really likes working outside with their hands. They have a working knowledge of plant species that are native (or at least amenable) to the climate and soil conditions in your area. They can make recommendations of what kinds of flowers, trees, vegetables, or shrubbery would work well in your lawn or back yard. They can plant (or help you plant) the greenery you choose. They can also provide regular servicing to keep those gardens neat, clean, and healthy.

Many gardeners also have experience dealing with pests, plant diseases, and other issues which may adversely affect the wildlife you decide to plant.

Some professional gardeners also offer basic “yardwork” services including lawn mowing, shrub trimming, seasonal clean-up (leaves, winter debris, etc.). Some, however, do not.

In short, a gardener is somebody who can plant your garden or tend to your greenery if you don’t have enough time, patience, of natural talent to research, plant, and look after your yard. (It’s okay, not everyone has a green thumb).

What is a Landscape Gardener?

Landscape gardeners (or landscapers) are typically professionals who have the knowledge and experience to design, build (or rebuild), and maintain your entire outdoor area. Their level of expertise typically goes well beyond basic plant knowledge and maintenance and includes:

  • Site layout
  • Garden design
  • Drainage and irrigation
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Use of hardscape and water features

Whereas you could think of a gardener like a housekeeper for your yard, your landscaper is more like an interior designer for your home or businesses’ exterior. They can work with you to create gardens, patios, focal features, and outdoor living spaces from scratch or totally revamp your existing outdoor areas to better suit your needs and style.

Landscapers typically provide the design and layout and outsource the actual heavy lifting to employees or third-party contractors.

Can You Get Both from the Same Company?

Typically gardeners or gardening services don’t offer landscape design and renovations. These individuals and businesses may be able to help you tweak your existing garden, make your lawn look better, or offer solutions like privacy hedges, etc. but when it comes to bringing in heavy equipment and moving tons of earth, gardeners are typically out of their element.

On the other hand, many landscapers and landscape companies do offer typical “gardening” maintenance services. These services aren’t often provided by the landscape gardeners themselves but may be provided by their employees or third-party contractors to whom they outsource the work.

No Time to Make your Yard Beautiful? No Problem!

Life is hectic and between work, family, and social obligations there’s not much leftover for gardening—unless that’s your stress-relieving hobby. But that’s okay. SendWork can connect you with professional gardeners and gardening services that can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces whether you need a seasonal freshen up or just weekly deadheading and leaf cleanup. Our professionals can provide as much (or as little) help as you need when you need it—even if you’re away. Download our free mobile app and see how easy it is to find the professionals you need today.