What’s the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

Hiring somebody else to do a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning in your home for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. Are they going to do a good job? Are they going to clean everything you want cleaned? Are they going to do what they’ve been paid to do? How do you know you can trust them in your home?

SendWork takes all of the hassles out of hiring a home cleaner. We offer clients access to a large network of trusted service providers (all of whom have passed nationwide background checks) who have demonstrated the experience necessary to deliver a top-tier clean every time. But because our on-demand home regular cleaning and a deep cleaning service rely upon freelance service providers, it works a bit differently than traditional “services.”

Instead of forcing you to sign a long-term contract or hire a maid as a personal employee, SendWork allows you to hire on an as-needed or job-specific basis. Essentially you pick from our cleaning packages (or excellent Add-On Services) and get the level of clean you need for a price you’re comfortable paying.

Plus, with SendWork’s client-based feedback system, real-time GPS tracking, bilingual chat (with English and Spanish translation options), and our secure payment processing, you can feel confident that the person you hire is not only trustworthy and reliable but will do the job to the best of their abilities every time.

But what’s the difference between our regular “Basic” cleaning package and our “Detailed” deep cleaning service?

Choosing the Right Clean for You

Our Regular Cleaning

Our regular cleaning package includes everything you’d expect from a routine “maintenance” cleaning visit. Essentially, the service provider comes in and tidies up your home over the course of a few hours—doing what you might normally consider your “weekly cleaning list.”

So, when you order a regular cleaning form a freelance SendWork home cleaner, what do you get? That provider will perform a set cleaning list of specified tasks in each room of your home. This cleaning list includes:

All Rooms

  • Wipe down/dust all furniture and surfaces
  • Vacuum/mop all floors
  • Take out the trash


  • Make beds


  • Clean shower/bathtubs
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean sinks and faucets (vanity surfaces)
  • Clean Mirrors


  • Clean countertops, stovetop, and sink
  • Clean appliance fronts (refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc.)

When the provider is done, your light cleaning list will be complete and your home will look as if you’ve spent all day vacuuming, tidying up, and wiping everything down.

Our Deep Cleaning Service for that Extra Clean

Our deep cleaning or “Detailed Clean” package includes everything you’d get in a regular clean but the professional home cleaner you hire will dig even deeper to get your house, apartment, or condo even cleaner.

When you order a deep clean from any of the professional home cleaners on in SendWork’s extensive pool of trusted service providers you get a more in-depth clean that you would with a traditional “maintenance” visit. This deep clean includes a specific cleaning list of tasks in certain rooms of your home.

All Rooms

  • Wipe down/dust all furniture, surfaces, and trouble spots (like valances, blinds, corners, and cabinetry)
  • Vacuum/mop all floors (including under, around, and between appliances and furniture)
  • Take out the trash


  • Make beds
  • Vacuum under furniture
  • Tidy Up


  • Deep clean shower/bathtubs (removing lime scale, hidden soap scum, etc.)
  • Deep clean toilets
  • Deep clean sinks and faucets (vanity surfaces)
  • Wash Mirrors
  • Deep clean bathroom floor


  • Clean countertops, stovetop, and sink
  • Clean appliance fronts and sides (refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc.)

Can’t Decide Between a Regular Cleaning and a Deep Clean?

Want a little more than a routine clean but don’t need a full deep clean? Don’t worry. SendWork makes it easy for you to order regular cleaning and a deep cleaning“Add-Ons” to a regular cleaning visit so you get more clean for less. Our Add-On Services include:

  • Dish Washing
  • Laundry Services (including ironing)
  • Deep Kitchen Cleans
  • Deep Bathroom Cleans
  • Window Washing (interior only)

This is a great way for you to get a regular clean with a little extra attention on rooms that need more TLC.

Our Laundry Services

One of the most popular Add-On Services we offer is our laundry services. Our providers let you take full advantage of hands-free washing, drying, and folding so you don’t have to worry about the laundry ever again!

If you need ironing (for clothing or bed linens) we can provide a professional for that as well.

And, if you want to include any of these laundry services with a Deep Clean of any or all rooms in your home, simply discuss the addition with the service provider before your finalize your booking.

The Right Level of Clean for Any Home

Our unique packaging structure allows us to offer every client the perfect level of clean on a budget they’re comfortable with. No cleaning service contracts, no long-term hiring, not need to do the work yourself.

Our routine regular cleaning visits are a great way for busy individuals to make sure their home is always clean, presentable, and well-organized.

Our deep clean packages are a great way to get a lot of neglected cleaning done as quickly as possible. Big job? Hire more than one provider to get the work done in a flash.

We offer both of these package options (and our Add-On Services) for homes from one bedroom apartments up to four bedroom single family homes. And if you have rental properties, our deep clean packages are great for resetting your rentals between tenants.

Whatever your cleaning needs, give download the SendWork app and see how easy cleaning can be.

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