Dog Grooming

Our ‘Coming Soon’ easy-to-use mobile app lets you quickly connect with professional mobile dog groomers in the Miami area who you can trust to give your furry friend the absolute best care. Our talent pool consists of qualified freelance professionals who have the skills, the experience, and the equipment to make your pup pretty in no time.

Dog Grooming Services

No Time for Fido

Let’s face it, getting your dog to and from the groomer is not really on your list of top priorities. By the time you schedule that appointment your furry friend is probably overdue for a little pampering. But finding the time can be hard with work, family, and other social commitments.

There is a more convenient way. You can cut out the travel time, the waiting, and the hassle:  bring the groomer to you.

Mobile dog grooming isn’t a new trend but with SendWork it might as well be. Our proprietary mobile technology and an exclusive pool of experienced service professionals make the job of finding, hiring, and paying a mobile dog groomer in Miami easy.

Our App Lets You Manage Everything

From finding the perfect groomer, to scheduling a convenient appointment, to securely paying for excellent service the SendWork app lets you do everything from your phone.

With SendWork You Can:

  • Review the profiles of experienced mobile dog groomers who are ready and waiting for you
  • Read feedback given by prior clients so you know exactly who gives the best service around Quickly and easily hire professional mobile dog groomers in Miami
  • Use our real-time chat feature (with English/Spanish translation) to connect even if you don’t speak the language
  • Schedule, re-schedule and repeat bookings so your pooch is never shabby
  • Create your own “favorites” list so you can easily get in touch with the professionals you’ve used in the past
  • Use built-in GPS and en-route alerts to let you know when your groomer will be at your door.
  • Accurately track time so you know exactly when the groomer started and when the job was done
  • Conveniently process payment without ever having to touch a dollar bill

Find Reliable Service Providers Fast

Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

All of our professional mobile dog groomers in Miami are experienced and must have proven work history in order to be accepted into the SendWork pool of Service Providers. In addition, each one must undergo a nationwide criminal background check. That means you get professional service at your front door with none of the worries associated with hiring anonymously online.

Affordable Luxury for Your Furry Friend

On top of that, our rates are affordable—much more so than those franchise mobile dog groomers in Miami charge for cookie-cutter service.

No Waiting for the Doorbell to Ring

And because SendWork uses Real-Time GPS location services, only the dog groomers who are available and ready to work near you show up on your App. Book an appointment now and your provider could be at your door in minutes!

Trustworthy Professionals with Unbiased Reviews

Our feedback system is integral to the success of SendWork and to that of the individual Service Providers. It’s based on honest reviews from previous clients. You can use those reviews to sort through our entire list of available dog groomer and find the very best fit for you and your fur family.

You can also think of the system as incentive for your groomer to provide the best experience your pooch has ever had. As a freelance service provider, their reputation is everything and solid professionals know they have to bring their A-Game every time.

Unparalleled Convenience

When was the last time you hired a service profession who arrived at your door within minutes with the click of a single button? SendWork lets you and your furry friends live that luxurious lifestyle you love without the hassles of traffic, parking, travel time, or ever leaving home. (Not to mention when you hire a mobile dog groomer to come to your home in Miami you don’t have to set foot in a crowded waiting room, ever!)

All of our home mobile dog groomers in Miami work around your schedule (not the other way around). Late nights, weekends, holidays—you can find a service provider who will deliver whenever you need