When you’re running your mobile dog grooming business, handling a fidgety Fido is often the easiest part of your day. Sure, some dogs can be a handful but so can’t keeping track of your daily appointments, fighting through traffic, and making sure your invoicing is up to speed. When paper and pencil just don’t cut it anymore and the calendar apps and phone reminders are getting to be more of a hassle than a help, you need a different tool to help you run your mobile dog grooming business successfully.

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Mobile Dog Grooming Business

SendWork for Mobile Dog Groomers

SendWork is a unique mobile application that was designed from the ground up to help independent contractors and self-employed individuals streamline nearly every aspect of their business from advertising and client retention to scheduling and payment processing. And, unlike other mobile project management apps out there, you don’t have to pay more to get the additional features you want and need.

But why is SendWork the best business management app for mobile dog groomers?

Find New Clients

When you download the SendWork app and set up your profile, you’re automatically added to our growing pool of businesses in your local area. That means that your business name will readily appear in searches initiated by clients in your local area who are looking for your specific services. This free advertising is extremely valuable for attracting new pre-qualified potential clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay for your specific skillset.

Add Your Customers

But what sort of business management app would be complete without allowing you to add your existing customers to your personal network? SendWork allows you to network with existing customers (when they download the companion client app) at the push of a button. When they drop your mobile dog grooming business into their favorite lists, your name is always at the top. They can communicate with you directly with questions or to schedule appointments. They can even book a grooming session on the fly (if you’re available) when the time fits their schedule. Plus, when you’re a “favorited” service provider, SendWork reduces its per-job fee so you pocket more of the payment yourself.

Create Customer Loyalty

And because SendWork allows two-way communication between you and your clients, you can easily create customer loyalty through regular messages, special promotions, and client feedback that helps your mobile dog grooming business grow. And never underestimate how powerful simply streamlining your appointment process is. Customers love push-button ease as much as you do.

Navigation Made Easy

SendWork also integrates navigation into its host of powerful mobile dog grooming business tools. So if you’re visiting a client for the first time or your mobile business is called in at a moment’s notice, you’ll always know where you’re going and how to get there.

Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Scheduling Made Easy

Perhaps one of the most powerful components of our mobile dog groomer business management app is the fully-functional scheduling system. Our scheduling tool allows you to:

  • Book appointments hours, days, or months in advance
  • Accept appointment requests from customers on-the-fly (when you’re listed as “Available”)
  • Receive appointment reminders (via push notifications) days and hours in advance so you never miss an important grooming session again
  • Send notifications to the clients automatically a day and an hour in advance so they never forget their appointment
  • See all of your booked grooming sessions at a glance so you can plan your day or your week easily

And all of this lives right on your mobile device so it’s always just a button push away!

Get Paid Remotely

Imagine, no more paper checks, no more high credit card processing fees, no more third-party payment applications. SendWork allows you to invoice clients, request payments, and accept various methods of payment (including credit card transactions) easily and remotely. Groom the dogs, request the money, accept the payment, and move on. Plus, all the backend info is tracked for you automatically so when it comes time to pay the taxes you have easy access to everything you need.

Give SendWork a Try

SendWork was built to be the best mobile business management app available with a host of tools that freelance professionals can use on-the-go to control nearly every aspect of their growing business from one simple-to-use smartphone application. Try SendWork today and we know you’ll love this full-featured project management app so much that you’ll never switch back to your outdated management tools again. Let us help you tame your business with the push of a button. Download SendWork today at the Google Play Android Store.

SendWork for Dog Groomers