Easily Track All Your Workers with SendWork’s Field Time Tracking

Have you ever struggled to keep track of your remote field workers?

Do you find that trying to juggle multiple contractors at multiple locations is nearly impossible? Are some of your jobs getting lost in the shuffle? SendWork’s unique field time tracking (with GPS syncing) is the perfect tool to help you manage one contractor or a dozen—no matter where in the world you are. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data you can instantly know where you’re contractors are, how long they were at your job locations, and when they’ve left—for lunch or for the day.

While you may not need this level of detail, having it gives you (and your clients and customers) the peace of mind you need to make your business run more smoothly. Plus, it eliminates many of the hassles associated with invoicing and payroll!

Indeed, this streamlined field time tracking feature makes it easy to ensure you’re clients, customers, and property renters are getting the best experience possible from the start while making your job as a manager easier.

What Makes SendWork’s Field Time Tracking Different?

SendWork’s mobile contractor App for workers in the field features standard time tracking (like almost any other remote management App) but pairs it with Real-Time GPS data. This accurate GPS location service lets small to medium size businesses keep tabs on all of their contractors in the field without relying on self-reporting, spotty cellular communication, or complicated time cards.

Making Your Life Easier

We’ve added a layer of automation to our field time tracking service that makes supervising multiple contractors at different job site anywhere easy. You’ll get automatic notifications when:

  • You worker is en route to your job site
  • When they’ve started the task you’ve given them
  • When they’ve finished

Plus, you’ll get automatic confirmation when a customer has paid.

The combination of time tracking and GPS locations services is a powerful tool you can use to keep multiple contractors on task but the automation is key to making your entire operation run more smoothly.

  • No more calling to check in
  • No more texting your employees
  • No more frustrated calls from customers asking when “your guy” will be there

Simply glance at your mobile device and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Making the Most of That Time Tracking Data

Once you start collecting time and location information with SendWork’s handy field tracking services, you’ll be able to better forecast demand and fully staff your business. You can even streamline the planning of any job thanks to the detailed information to which you’ll have access.

  • The iOS (coming in 2019) and Android App lets you see travel time—so you can plan Appointment and schedule your contractor’s arrival time
  • You’ll also see time spent at a job or client site—which lets you see which of your contractors are performing to the peak of their abilities
  • Need more help? Hiring a second contractor or scheduling another visit from one of your current employees is a snap (literally just a few button-pushes is all it takes!)

It’s Easy for Contractors Too!

This field time tracking service would be nothing if it wasn’t easy for your contract workers to use. Your contractors can clock in and out at job sites with the push of a button. No more paper time cards, calling to check in, or wasting their valuable time with other cumbersome project management software. They simply show up at a jobsite, punch in, and get to work—as easy as that.

And, because SendWork values your contractor’s privacy as much as they do, our App only tracks GPS data when the contractor has “punched in.”

Automatic Reminders Make Scheduling Mistakes a Thing of the Past

Have a forgetful contractor that you love working with? Need to schedule a job months in advance? Like to “front-load” your agenda so you can maximize your time away from business? SendWork creates automatic reminders for everyone. Get notified a day before the job is scheduled and an hour before as well—never miss an Appointment again!

Powerful Customer Service and Client Controls as Well

You can even create a better customer experience with SendWork’s customer created jobs. These allow the end customer (your client) to clock in your contractor so they experience the safety and security of knowing they’re getting billed accurately. Customers can even submit feedback about how well your contractor did so you know if your team is delivering the level of service you’d expect.

And, if they’re loving that service they’re getting, your customers can request repeat business directly from their App.

Those reminders we mentioned above? They can be sent to customers as well so they’ll know when your team is on the way.

Never lose another customer because they’re “out of the loop”!

Real-Time Data Streamlines Your Day

SendWork updates continuously, in Real-Time. You always have the latest field time tracking data at hand any time you need it. Check in any time of the day (or only when you need to). Know in an instant what your payroll looks like, were your contractors are, and when you can squeeze in additional “emergency” Appointments if needed.

See how SendWork’s powerful field time tracking and GPS functionality can reimagine the way your business works.

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