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The lifeblood of any landscaping or gardening company is the recurring work earned by providing satisfied customers with excellent service over and over again. While the one-offs might be a fun and challenging part of your business, the bread and butter will always be the people who come back to you time and again. That’s why you need a mobile management app that makes their experience as amazing as possible. You want them to feel that your company not only delivers top-tier service but that it can do so while making the clients’ lives easier.

SendWork can help you do that through easy, automatic scheduling and remote payment that—from the client’s perspective—takes just the push of a button or two. Does the project management software you’re using now allow your clients to do that?

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Sendwork’s Scheduling Software Makes Appointments Easy

Our full-featured scheduling software was built to let small and medium size businesses and workers, efficiently, and easily manage complex schedules at the push of a button. That functionality translates into ease of use from the client’s perspective as well.

Your recurring clients can quickly and easily schedule visits days, weeks, or months in advance and do so in such a way that your team will be back on a regular basis whenever the customer wants you there. This scheduling functionality comes with automatic reminders which are sent to both your gardeners and the client a day in advance and then again an hour in advance so everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when.

This functionality gives your recurring clients peace of mind that even when they’re not home, your team is right where they’re supposed to be doing the work that needs to be done.

But, our scheduling software is flexible as well. Indeed, SendWork allows you (the business owner) to manipulate scheduling in order to get specific team members onto specific jobs at specific times. You can even send more than one service professional on a single job if the work requires another set of hands.

That flexibility translates to the customer-facing side as well. When your clients download the companion SendWork app, they can request appointments whenever their yard needs a little sprucing up. These on-the-spot appointments can be requested days or even hours in advance. And, if a member of your team is available, you can accept those requests and have a crew of gardeners at the job site in minutes.

But any scheduling software is only as good as the information it receives. That’s why SendWork also includes a host of software which allows your clients to communicate with you in multiple ways at a moment’s notice. They can:

Send a text message

  • Open a group chat
  • Communicate via video chat
  • Take advantage of our instantaneous English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation

This is great if last minute changes are needed, if they have special instructions for a specific work crew, or if they’re not sure about any aspect of an upcoming appointment.

GPS Tracking and Peace of Mind

SendWork also allows you to use GPS tracking and automatic arrival/departure notifications to keep track of your yardwork crews wherever they are. This is great because you can provide your clients with accurate updates instantaneously to let them know exactly where their landscaping crew is at any given time.

This frees your clients up to go about their busy life without having to worry about staying home all day just to be there when your team arrives. And, if they prefer not to be home when the yardwork crew is mowing, whacking, weeding, or mulching, they can go wherever they like and still check in to know without a doubt that the job is getting done to their specifications wherever they are.

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SendWork’s Remote Payments are Easy for Everyone

And when the work is done, SendWork makes the payment process easy for all parties involved. Your client gets a concise, accurate invoice which they can pay instantly in one of multiple ways (including secure credit card transactions). You get secure, affordable payment processing that ends with the funds being directly deposited into your bank account.

In short, your clients can pay whether they’re on the property, on vacation, or just down the street at the grocery store. You get all the backend financial data you need collected and recorded automatically for your accounting purposes.

Making Life Easy for your Clients Results in Repeat Business for You

Anything you can do to make your landscaping clients’ lives easier will only increase that all-important customer loyalty. You make scheduling easier—you book more appointments. You make recurring visits automatic—you earn guaranteed business. You make payment simple—you never have to chase down an invoice again.

If your business becomes the no-hassle solution to your clients’ yardwork problems, they will be valued customers for years to come. That’s steady, stable, reliable income on a regular basis and money you can use to reinvest in your company and grow it even bigger.

Download the SendWork mobile app and see how this amazing toolbox of project and employee management software can help your landscaping or gardening business becomes that go-to solution for your clients. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to get your copy of SendWork today.