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You’re on your phone all the time anyway, isn’t it about time you used it to make your life easier and to get work done? Sure, you can order a pizza with the push of a button, get directions to that great little cocktail bar, or make all your friends jealous with your Instagram feed but until now there’s one thing your phone hasn’t been able to help you do:  your chores. You know, the household cleaning that always either gets in the way or gets pushed back until it becomes an absolute necessity.

Let’s face it, dusting and doing the laundry just isn’t how a busy person like yourself spends their time wisely. Now there’s a mobile app that can help you get those everyday chores done at a moment’s notice. SendWork is the perfect home companion for active individual with a busy work and social schedule.

SendWork allows you to connect with professional freelance home cleaners in your neighborhood and get work done with the push of a button. Schedule a cleaning now (and have the professional at your door in minutes) or plan ahead and have them come whenever it’s convenient for you. Keeping a clean home has never been easier!

Help with Ironing and Washing

SendWork App features

We’ve built the SendWork mobile app from the ground up and loaded it with useful features you can use to make your life easier. These features include:

GEO Location and GPS Tracking—You always know where your provider is! No more waiting and wondering. Simply check the app and find out where your home cleaner is and roughly how long it will be before they get to your door.

Push Message Technology and Live Messenger Chat—Instant communication without having to give out your personal phone number! Our app allows instant two-way communication through text or Live Chat so you can get in touch with your cleaner at a moment’s notice—no phone tag required.

Hourly or Fixed Rate Payment for All Jobs—Our flexible payment options eliminate surprises and allow you to pay hourly or pick jobs “à la carte” so you always know what you’re paying for and how much the bill will be.

Single or Multiple Provider Requests—Tackle any job . . . no matter the size. You can request one provider or more than one to get work done quickly . . . regardless of how much of a job it is.

Automated (Recurring) or One-Off Tasks—Whether you need someone just once or would like to hire a provider for a long-term regular engagement SendWork allows you to easily find providers and schedule visits whenever and to get work done.

Secure Cashless Credit/Debit Card and Venmo Payments—There’s no need for cash or checks! SendWork handles all payments electronically for your security. Our app processes the payment and transfers funds directly into the provider’s bank accounts while keeping your financial information safe and sound.

Real Feedback and Honest Reviews—Our feedback rating system allows real users like you to leave honest feedback and reviews for providers. You can always spot the best providers at a glance! Hire with confidence.

SendWork Feedback Ratings

Online Invoicing—Keep accurate records of all your transactions with online invoicing. No need for papers to clutter up your office or get lost in the shuffle.

“Favorite” Provider Tab—Found a freelancer you love? Add them to your favorites and they’re always available at the push of a button. (Plus “Favorites” earn higher percentages on each job so it’s beneficial for them as well!)

24/7 Customer Support—Our support will never let you down. Voice, live chat, and email options are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Users Love the SendWork App

SendWork was designed for the user with one goal in mind:  to make their lives easier. Until now finding good help was always a gamble. Do you trust those anonymous online classified ads or do you shell out Big Bucks to hire a nationwide chain? Thankfully there’s a third option. Find professional providers in your area and get better service, better rates, and a better experience overall.

Convenience—No long-term contracts, push-button service, no phone tag or automated messaging services, and easy scheduling (via the app’s calendar)—we streamlined the hiring/scheduling process so you can get the professional service you need without all the red tape and wasteful waiting.

Peace of Mind—“Appointment Windows” area thing of the past! You always know where your provider is and when they’ll be at your property—which makes planning your day so much easier.

Ease of Payment—Convenient Credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal payment options eliminate the hassle of cash transactions and check writing. Your providers get paid on time and you keep track of everything safely and securely.

Why Freelance Professionals Love the SendWork App

Our founder built SendWork because she recognized the need for a reliable way for skilled individuals to find clients who need their services. From day one the focus has always been about empowering these good people to succeed.

SendWork gives professional service providers the opportunity to freelance and use the skills they have to augment (or even replace) their current income on their own schedules. This frees them up to live a better life, have more time for family and friends, earn more money for necessities and life’s little extravagances, and may even give them the power to build a successful business from the ground up. And the best part is there’s no cost to the provider! SendWork is free to join with no membership fees. The only condition is that you must pass a nationwide criminal background check (to ensure the safety and security of our clients).

You can earn extra money in your free time or even replace your current job and income working for yourself. And with SendWork you truly are your own boss. Set your own schedule, choose only the jobs you like, and earn more based solely on your performance. Our professional freelance providers earn top dollar hourly payments for their time and repeat work (jobs from previous clients) gives you the opportunity to keep 95% of the fee payed by the client.

We invite you to become a SendWork Provider and join a trusted network of experienced freelancers who are literally changing their lives for the better using the SendWork App! Download the Android app today.

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