The Gig Economy Empowers Workers

For years there has been a monumental shift underway in the inner workings of the American economy. The internet has fostered independence within the workforce and opened opportunities that had previously been closed. This phenomenon has led to the rise of the gig economy — an economy dependent on workers doing short-term part-time work rather than holding long-term full time jobs.

While many see this as a “decline” or the erosion of the traditional way things were done here in the States, many—including employees who have previously been under the thumb of less-than-generous employers—see this shift as a new lease on life and a tremendous chance to take control of their own earnings. And it looks as if the gig economy is truly here to stay.

The Gig Economy isn’t Just a Fad

The availability of online “gigs” has allowed a lot of people to make a lot of money doing things they’re good at (from running social media platforms to cleaning homes in affluent neighborhoods like Miami). But until now many experts have viewed this style of earning money as something of a fad—a way for employees to make extra money here and there but not a reliable source of a family’s entire income.

However, the stats show that just isn’t the case. Turbotax estimates that 34% of the entire workforce in The United States is part of the gig economy—roughly 51.5 million Americans. And current trends show that number isn’t going to decline anytime soon. Analysis from Intuit predicts that by 2020—just three years down the road—roughly 60 million people will be classified as contract (or “gig”) workers at least part-time. That’s a tremendous increase over the 15 million who classified themselves that way in 2015.

So why is this gig economy so popular?

The Benefits of a Gig Economy for Workers

This internet-based labor model has dramatically streamlined the way we do things. Apps like SendWork cut out the administrative overhead of the traditional job model passing on savings of both time and money to clients and freelancers alike. This allows these apps (and the freelance workers who use them) to charge more competitive prices for on-demand services.

In short, people get work done for less.

But that doesn’t mean that the workers are getting the short end of the stick. Every single SendWork freelance service provider has the opportunity to earn 95% of the total fee charged to a client. Less money funneled back into a bloated corporation means more money in the pockets of those who deserve it—the workers.

Additionally, this gig economy is an easy way for skilled service providers to “level the playing field” and earn a significant portion of the business that would have traditionally gone to a brick-and-mortar business (such as nationwide home cleaning chain services).

  • There’s no need for these workers to spend thousands on advertising and branding when a free app like SendWork can get them all the clients they can handle.
  • There’s no need to limit income potential to an employer’s hourly wage.
  • There’s no need to remain, employees when they can become their own bosses.

As this trend gains more traction, more and more clients are becoming comfortable with outsourcing their work to freelance service providers rather than hiring traditional companies. There are a number of reasons (cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, convenience) but the real takeaway is that this growing demand has created a wonderful opportunity for home cleaning service providers to jump in and earn with minimal investment of either time or money.

SendWork Spotted an Opening

SendWork created a network of qualified home cleaners in the Greater Miami area because there was a need for those services. The affluent, young, tech-savvy individuals who are moving to Miami by the thousands aren’t afraid to embrace this gig economy and find the service providers they need via apps like SendWork. This inherent demand provides excellent conditions for a hard-working, entrepreneurial, freelancers to take their earnings to the next level via well-paying gigs throughout Miami.

Learn how SendWork works and take advantage of the gig economy in Miami yourself. Download the free SendWork app today.