Customer Acquisition and Retention are the Buildings Blocks for Small Business Growth

So you’re a plumber, an electrician, a gardener, a house cleaner and you’ve decided to start working for yourself. Congratulations. But giving birth to a business is only the first step. Growing that business is essential if you expect it to last any amount of time.

There are essentially two ways you can grow your freelance business. You can either increase the number of new clients you retain (or the number of jobs you book) or you can pull more money from your existing pool of clients by upselling, earning repeat jobs, and turning one-off gigs into regularly scheduled appointments. A perfect, well-rounded plan for financial growth would include at least some components from both methods—effectively “double dipping” and creating a wide financial base on which your business can grow.

New Ways of Thinking how to Grow your Small Business

But the digital revolution (and some would say the mobile revolution) have changed the way people look for (and hire) service professionals like you.

So, if you’re looking to meet new clients and earn more money from existing ones, SendWork’s mobile manager app can help you do just that. Indeed, if you’re interested in earning up to 95% more than you currently do just by making a few essential (and often cost-free) changes to the way you do business, read on.

How to Grow Your Small Business

SendWork for New Customer Acquisition

Acquisition of new clients and accounts fuels the growth of your freelance business. But finding new clients can often be costly and time-consuming. Indeed, if you’re just starting out on your own, attracting new customers is the biggest hurdle to overcome when growing your business from nothing to something.

  • Business cards are great but they get lost.
  • Advertisements are effective but expensive.
  • Word of mouth is awesomely powerful but hard to generate.

In fact, tried and tested market research statistics show that a potential customer has to be exposed to your brand (your company or your business) up to seven times before they’re ever really ready to work with you. For a small business owner or freelance worker earning those impressions can be a chore.

SendWork makes that task a little easier.

When you become a part of our growing network of freelance service providers, we do all the marketing for you. Clients and customers come to us looking for contractors (like you) to clean their houses, maintain their pools, do odd jobs around their rental properties. We highlight your profile if you meet their needs. They reach out.

No need to buy expensive online advertisements, post ads in newspapers nobody reads anymore, or tack those business cards up on bulletin boards.

It’s all done digitally with our free and easy-to-use mobile app. Not only is this advertising/client matching a free service we provide, adding our brand name to yours instantly increases your business’s impact and trustworthiness. Research data shows that strategic pairings with known business partners can be a game changer for your small business.

SendWork for Customer Retention

Keeping existing customers save you up to 25 times the amount of money as finding a single new client. But did you know keeping existing clients can be an excellent source of new income? Indeed, market research giant Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% could actually increase the amount of income you generate by 25% to 95% (depending on the industry you are in).

So how can SendWork help you keep those clients you already work with?

When you convince your clients to download our free app, you’re giving them a host of easy-to-use management, communication, and payment tools right at the touch of their fingers. These features make their lives easier and let them automate many of the daily tasks they currently outsource to other small businesses and service agencies.

SendWork features:

  • Instant live chat (with bilingual translation)
  • Convenient scheduling features (so they can automate your service calls)
  • GPS tracking (so they always know where you are—essential for maintaining trust)
  • Easy credit card payment process (that’s 100% secure)

And so much more!

Your clients save time and hassle by using SendWork. Period.

Save Them Money Too!

By hiring quality contractor workers (like you) they avoid paying overhead fees that service companies and agencies pass on to customers. They can also purchase just the services they need without long-term contracts. And with everything combined into one powerful tool, there’s no need for additional programs (which can be costly) or distractions (like playing phone tag with uncommunicative service providers.

All of this added value makes SendWork a powerful tool—one that you can offer as a solution to some of the most vexing problems your clients have when dealing with service providers. And when you become the solution, you become the value.