How Much Does it Cost to Hire a House Cleaning Service in Miami?

Living in Miami is great. There’s so much to do and see and so many great opportunities for work and for play. The last thing you want is routine housework cutting into your precious time. That’s why hiring a house cleaning service in Miami is great for folks who want to live a choreless lifestyle. But, if you find yourself asking “how much does it cost to hire a house cleaning service in Miami?” You likely fall into one of two groups:

Either you’ve not yet experienced the joy and freedom that comes with having a professional do the dirty work for you or you currently have a cleaning service but wonder if you’re being overcharged.

In either case, you’ll find that SendWork’s professional freelance house cleaners are a great low-cost option to help you break free from the chores that bog you down and keep your home clean, fresh, and inviting.

For Those Who Don’t Currently Have a Cleaning Service

How much does it cost to hire a house cleaning service in Miami? Less than you think.

One of the biggest obstacles that people run into in the process of hiring a professional to clean their home is the price. They simply assume that hiring a house cleaning service in Miami is going to be too costly for them. The truth is that it’s really not.

With SendWork you can hire a professional to clean your home on a regular basis or an as-needed. This gives you a huge amount of freedom to live that choreless life without spending more than you want.

First, with no long-term contracts, you’re not hooked into any costly agreements with national chain services. Avoid costly cancellation fees and any minimum buy-in and you’re saving money right off the bat.

Secondly, if you only have a cleaner come in when you need them, you can save a ton! By eliminating unnecessary visits that regular cleaning contracts include, you’re not paying a cleaner to come in and go over rooms that are already clean!

For People Currently Overpaying for Cleaning Services in Miami

If you have a contract with a professional cleaning service in Miami, chances are you’re paying more than you have to. Cleaning services often have fixed rates that are much higher than they need to be. Why? Because these companies have a tremendous amount of overhead. They buy equipment, rent office and storage space, hire fulltime employees, provide benefits, etc. All of that adds up. And who pays the bill?  You do.

That overhead is factored into whatever price your service is charging you.

Also, if you’ve already hired a cleaning service in Miami, you’ve likely signed a contract that states a cleaner will come by so many times per week or month. But what if you’re not home that much to dirty the place up? You’re still charged for those unnecessary visits.

There is a better way.

SendWork Cuts the Cost of Professional House Cleaning Services in Miami

Because SendWork is not a nationwide chain, because we don’t have a massive amount of overhead, because we deal directly with professional freelance house cleaners in Miami our business costs us less to run. And that savings gets passed directly on to you. We charge less per job (and per hour) than the competition and still are able to pass a majority of the job fee directly to the hardworking cleaner actually doing the work.

In addition, with our easy-to-use mobile app, you can find and hire a professional cleaner in minutes whenever you need them. We completely eliminate the need for long-term contracts. (But, if you find a cleaner you like and would like regular visits, you can create your own cleaning schedule.) You get the great clean you expect when you need it.

Plus, with our exclusive scheduling functionality you can arrange for your cleaner to arrive whenever you want them to. Have them come by when you’re home, when you’re not, before the big birthday party you’ve planned, or after the guests leave for the cleanup. (This feature is great for owners of rental property who need apartments or condos cleaned between guests.)

Hire a House Cleaning Service

But What’s the Price Tag?

SendWork has a variety of affordable fixed prices services you can choose from.

The $69 Regular Clean

This low-cost option is great for small apartment or condos with just 1 bedroom and includes everything you need to get your place clean, fresh, and inviting.

The $86 Regular Clean

Larger place? No problem. This level of clean includes everything offered in the $69 Clean but your house cleaner can cover units up to two bedrooms.

The $99 Regular Clean

This option is great for homeowners. Your cleaner will clean and refresh up to three bedrooms whenever you need them to.

$27 Per Hour Hourly Cleaning Services

Have something that doesn’t fit into the typical clean you’d expect from a service? No problem. Our affordable hourly rates let you create your own custom jobs that our professional house cleaners in Miami can do for you.

This is the best option for folks who want a deep clean of certain areas (like the bathroom, kitchen, or guest rooms) or have larger homes.

We even offer laundry and ironing services!

Plus 8% service fee to all rates.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire House Cleaning Services in Miami?

SendWork makes the process of finding, hiring, and working with a professional house cleaner in Miami easy. And that ease of use doesn’t come with an inflated price tag. We offer affordable a la carte options and comfortable hourly rates. And there’s never any obligation. So feel free to test our services—we’re sure you’ll love them.

Try SendWork today and see how much fun living a choreless life can truly be.

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