How to Hire a House Cleaner in Miami

Miami is a wonderful city right on the ocean and full of fun and excitement. But with your busy work life and all of your social commitments, it can be hard to squeeze in routine chores like house cleaning. That’s why hiring a house cleaner in Miami is a must if you want to take full advantage of the city and everything it has to offer. But doing so can be time-consuming to hire a house cleaner no matter how hard you look you’re never quite sure if you’ve found the best match for you.

So, how do you hire a house cleaner in Miami?

The Internet Classifieds and Job Boards

Anonymous Classifieds

The internet has revolutionized the way we do everything—including finding the skilled professionals we rely upon every day. There are multiple sites which host ads from service professionals (the largest and most popular of which is Craigslist). But to find a great house cleaner on one of these sites can take time. You have to troll through the ads, vet potential candidates solely on the information they provide and arrange a schedule via a lengthy session of “Phone Tag” or a mess of emails back and forth.

Paid Job Sites

There are other paid sites out there that help you find such individuals. Often the pool of candidates in these job sites is better than on the free sites. Also, most of these services will have some sort of “sorting” features so you can further narrow potential candidates before you get to the interview process. These job sites still have their drawbacks. First, most require a substantial payment from the advertisers or even membership fees. Plus there’s no guarantee that the person you end up hiring will do a better job than any of the folks listed on those free classifieds. (In fact, many of these freelance home cleaners post on both types of sites so you may end up hiring the same person on either).

Paper Classifieds?

And, of course (if you get desperate) you can resort to the local paper and the classified ads there as if it were still 1990.

But if you want to find a house cleaner that fits every one of your requirements without going out of your way to do so, there is another, newer option.

SendWork Saves the Day (and Your Home)

SendWork is a new network of freelance service providers (including house cleaners in Miami) that can be tapped easily via a simple-to-use mobile application to find and hire professionals in seconds. You can search national criminal background checked house cleaners with experience all with a few clicks of a button. But there are more reasons to use SendWork than simply because it’s easy.

Why Use the SendWork App?

Less hassle—you don’t have to troll through miles of ads because all of our available house cleaners that are available in your local area for the times and dates of your choice will automatically be notified if they are available.

Your satisfaction—to become a freelance service provider on SendWork, an individual must have experience in their field so you know you’re hiring a professional. Plus our feedback system allows you to honestly see how these providers have performed for other clients in the past.

Peace of mind—every one of our house cleaners in Miami must pass a thorough nationwide background check for your safety.

Ease of payment— when it comes time to pay your house cleaner directly, our app handles all of your financial transactions securely—accepting credit/debit card and Venmo transactions and depositing the money directly into the provider’s (cleaners) bank account.

GPS tracking—always know where your provider is (and how long it will take them to get to where you need them to be).

Live communications—our Live Chat and messaging systems allow you to contact your house cleaner in real time without having to play phone tag.

Low hourly rates—our rates are competitive— averaging $20.00 per hour. (Compare that to rates from local cleaning services and you’ll see the savings.)

Find Your New House Cleaner on SendWork

SendWork was built as a management app to help make your life easier. We have the professional house cleaners you need when you need without jumping through any hoops. We know that if you try our service you’ll love it so download the SendWork app today and start living life with a little more leisure.

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