Home Cleaning

Connect with professional home cleaning house cleaners using our easy-to-use SendWork home cleaning App and get routine “jobs” done around your house, apartment, or condo when it’s convenient for you. Instantly connect with available house cleaning service providers that are available to work and are within minutes of your home. Spot cleaning, regular deep cleaning, or emergency cleaning services at affordable prices.

Home Cleaning Services Miami

Manage Everything Online

Our App lets you:

  • Hire Professional House Cleaners
  • Real-Time Chat (with English/Spanish translation)
  • Schedule, Re-schedule and Repeat Bookings
  • Amend Scheduled Time and Date
  • GPS and En-Route Alerts
  • Push Notifications
  • Start and Finish Time Recorded
  • Review Previous Feedback
  • Convenient Card Payments
  • Invoicing and Payment Confirmations
  • Add Favorites

Relax and Still Get that Whole House Clean

From regular routine cleaning, to spring cleaning, and even odd jobs around the house like laundry, dishes, and bathroom cleaning SendWork lets you connect with the type of provider you’re looking for no matter the job. You can work on an as-needed basis with house cleaners, create a routine schedule with your preferred service provider, or hire cleaners at a moment’s notice for emergencies (like after-party clean-up). And you never have to touch a rag or pick up a spray bottle!

Reliable Service Providers and Fast Service

All of our home cleaning services freelance house cleaners are experienced and must have work history (in addition to undergoing a nationwide criminal background check) before being admitted to our pool of service professionals. That means you get a professional clean without the worries of hiring anonymously online or the fees and contracts associated with franchise cleaning services. And because SendWork uses Real-time GPS location services, only the house cleaning professionals who are available and ready to work near you show up on your App.

Trustworthy Professionals

And while our providers work as freelance professionals, they are still professionals. Indeed, our feedback system lets clients accurately and honestly rate the quality of service they received from any given provider. That rating allows you to see just what sort of work you should expect from your chosen house cleaner. It also acts as a quality assurance measure because the number of jobs a home cleaning service provider earns (thus the amount of money they make) hinges directly on that feedback rating. Their reputation is directly tied to their income and their future success.

Unparalleled Convenience

Our home cleaning services in Miami work around your schedule. Late nights, weekends, holidays—you can find a service provider who will deliver whenever you need them to. You can get services within a two hour notice when you need them or schedule them in advance—whatever fits your busy lifestyle.


Because we’re not a traditional house cleaning service in Miami, we don’t carry the massive overhead. That means we can drop our rates to much more affordable levels and pass major savings on to you. But, just because we charge less doesn’t mean our providers are ever shortchanged. We pass on the majority of the SendWork fee directly to the home cleaning service provider. Feel good about empowering the people you employ and really make a difference in their lives!

24/7 Customer Service

SendWork was crafted with care to minimize the issue that may arise but if you do run into a hiccup, we have a dedicated customer service team available to address any issues before they become problems. This includes issues ranging from tech support and troubleshooting to in-the-moment backend fixes.

How is SendWork Different?

Enjoy instant booking! Our house cleaning services in Miami are available when you need them at the touch of a button via our advanced mobile Application.

Scheduling to fit your life! Get a cleaner at your door within minutes or schedule a month in advance—the choice is yours.

Friendly, verified professional house cleaners right here in Miami! All of our home cleaning service professionals must go through a national criminal background check verification process before they’re ever allowed to join our pool or house cleaning professionals in Miami. You never have to worry about who you’re hiring.

A clean home without the hassle! Whether you need a spot clean after a birthday party, a monthly room-by-room deep clean, or a quick clean in between condo or apartment rentals our providers can work with you to deliver the level of service you need without ever overcharging or forcing you to pick packages that include service you don’t need.

Real-Time tracking and accountability! SendWork uses real-time GPS tracking and instant communication so you are always assured of where your cleaner is and what they are doing. Get in touch via our handy instant chat feature and you can even communicate bilingually with in-the-moment English/Spanish translation!

The Hotel Lifestyle at Home

Your life is full of work, family, and friends. You don’t have time to put in a full day every day and keep up with the housecleaning. (And even if you do, there are things you’d rather be doing. Am I right?)

That’s where our freelance house cleaning services in Miami really come in handy. Keep your house spotless without any effort at all on your part. With hassle-free scheduling, instant connections, and local service providers at a moment’s notice you can eliminate the issues that arise when hiring a nationwide cleaning franchise or big local chain. You get the level of clean you need without overpaying, working around a provider’s schedule, or signing any long-term contracts.

Plus our secure payment system eliminates the necessity for cash payment when dealing with freelance home cleaners in Miami.

And you can manage every aspect of your home cleaning service via our advance mobile Application. Everything really is at your fingertips!

Get started with SendWork today and get your house model-home-clean without touching the vacuum.