Home Services Management

Manage your home service workers

Manage every aspect of your daily tasks from cleaning to running errands, from electricians to plumbers using the SendWork home services management app. Manage your synced worker to your calendar. Schedule and book and never receive ‘I forgot it was today’ text message 1 hour after the work due time. Get notified when your worker is en-route, when they have started and when they have finished. Make payments remotely to your workers using credit card merchant facilities or, e-wallets such as Venmo and Cash App.

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Home Services Management App
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Home Services Management

Spend more time doing what you want to do

Live a hassle-free life by building a list of your trusted contractors in your local area. Spend less time on time-consuming tasks. Know that your worker has the task under control. GPS management enables you to see that the worker has arrived at the work location and is physically there. Great for property vacation rentals and condominium management services that need to monitor workers in the field.

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Home Services Management App

100% Free

Android add your existing and new clients coming soon

Your schedule comes first

Schedule workers to work around your schedule. Request and book via the app whenever it fits into your day or your lifestyle. Your worker will confirm and it will be entered into the synced calendar.

Less hassle

With the convenience of secure card payments—cashless, and secure!

Use credit cards and Venmo, Cash app, Zelle, Paypal payment facilities. Pay your workers remotely.

SendWork app features

Schedule (never have a missed appointment again). Push messages, email confirmations and live video, audio and chat (bi-lingual). GPS Tracking (always know where your worker is). Receive estimates and invoices remotely

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Easy Communication 24/7

Stay in contact with workers in the field

Keeping things running smoothly requires fast, accurate, two-way communication at the drop of a dime.

SendWork Home Services Management app was built for field businesses and independent workers. We’ve integrated a complete communications suite with multiple methods of contact to keep you in touch with workers and clients when you need to be.

SendWork offers:

  • Text chat (with instant Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation)
  • Real-time voice chat coming soon (no need to exchange multiple phone numbers)
  • Video chat coming soon (perfect for showing off your work to clients or getting clarification in the moment)