How Hard Does a House Cleaner Work

The answer to that question is “hard.” Even if you’re used to taking care of work at home, being a professional house cleaner is tough work. You’re working for someone else and things have to be done to someone else’s specifications. That may mean doing things you normally wouldn’t, cleaning things in a specific way, or using products and equipment you’re unfamiliar with.

And house cleaners in Miami work extra hard. Why? Because there are more jobs out there than there are cleaners. With all of the commercial and residential properties in this high-density urban area, the need for cleaning services continues to climb.

That means existing cleaning businesses try to get more work out of their current employees. Which translates into longer hours. Worse yet, most cleaning services don’t even take into account travel time to and from the places their cleaners are sent to work.

As a result many house cleaners miss critical quality time with their families, can’t go out with friends, and have to bend over backwards if an emergency tosses a wrench into their daily life. They have to juggle work and their personal life and it’s often their personal life that takes the hit.

And for all of that time and commitment house cleaners in Miami earn relatively low wages when compared to other service professionals—even those working at high-end cleaning services.

That depends on whether the building they’re cleaning is commercial or residential but a better question might be what don’t they do? The list of chores can be varied and endless!

General housecleaning includes:
• Bathrooms (toilet, tub/shower, vanity, etc.)
• Floors (vacuum, sweep, mop, and perhaps polish)
• Kitchens (sink, stove, floors, horizontal surfaces)
• Make beds
• Dust

But that’s not all. Some house cleaners are expected to go above and beyond or do odd jobs. These extra duties may include:

• Laundry
• Dishes
• Detailed or “deep” cleaning
• Spring cleaning
• Opening up vacant rental properties
• Cleaning rentals/apartments after tenants leave
So how hard do house cleaners work?

Well if you are one, you know just how hard they work. but there is another way.

Independent House Cleaners Have More Freedom

Independent or freelance house cleaners don’t have bosses watching over their shoulders. They are their own bosses. And while there isn’t a huge difference between what independent house cleaners and cleaners working for cleaning companies do, there is a tremendous difference in how those things get done.
Employees are expected to work when their boss tells them. Independent house cleaners can review the schedules before they accept a job. Also, for an employee, getting time off—even in an emergency—is like pulling teeth. Freelance house cleaners can schedule around their needs.
Independent freelance house cleaners in Miami work directly for clients. This means that independent house cleaners can:
• Choose the clients they work for (and those they don’t)
• Accept jobs that pay what they want to earn
• Keep more of what they earn
• Work as much (or as little) as they want
So whether you want to build a full-time business of your own or just pick up a few odd jobs here and there to supplement your existing income, consider the path of a freelance house cleaner. If you’re already working for a cleaning service, you know how to do the job. Why not take the leap and be your own boss? Download the odd jobs App and become a freelance house cleaner today.