The Difference Between Housekeeping and House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services have quickly become very popular in relatively wealthy and up-and-coming neighborhoods of Miami like Brickell. Hiring professional Housekeeping and House Cleaning services allows people to make the most of their free time and eliminate necessary (but annoying) chores like laundry, vacuuming, and dusting. However, what most Clients don’t understand is that there’s a fine (but definite) line between house cleaning and housekeeping services.

The SendWork allows you (the Client) to connect with a variety of service providers in your area (including house cleaners and housekeepers). But which do you need?

Understanding that delicate difference can eliminate confusion (and frustration) some experience when hiring a service professional. It can also ensure you find the right type of Provider quickly and reduce the likelihood of a bad experience for everyone involved.

House Cleaner or Housekeeper:  What’s in a Name?

In years past affluent folks in the Miami area would likely have hired a maid (most likely as a live-in servant). However, times have changed. While people still need the services provided by a traditional maid, it’s more often a part-time housekeeper that fills that void now. The transition is similar to how the term “stewardess” has morphed into “flight attendant” or store “clerks” have become “associates.”

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaners

A house cleaner does just that—cleans the house. The operative term here is “clean.” These professionals perform tasks with the end goal of making (and keeping) a house spotless.

Examples of House Cleaning Include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the bathroom

Often house cleaners are paid by the task (sometimes on an hourly basis). For instance, a SendWork Client would hire a Provider to spend three hours deep cleaning the kitchen of their condo to create an excellent first-impression for party guests that evening.

House cleaners are great for spot jobs as well—cleaning after parties, refreshing rental properties between guests, or “opening” or “closing” seasonal properties.

House cleaners are often hired for one-off engagements or on an irregular basis as needed; however, sometimes they are retained on a recurring basis as well.

Housekeepers and Maids


A housekeeper, on the other hand, often does a laundry list (pun intended) or other assorted tasks that may be (but aren’t necessarily related to) cleaning—essential chores for maintaining a home.

Examples of Housekeeping Include:

  • Laundry (washing/folding/ironing)
  • Dog Walking
  • Running Errands
  • Grocery Shopping

Housekeepers can help busy individuals or families live a more stress-free life by taking care of every day essentials that would otherwise eat into their personal time.

Housekeepers are often hired on an hourly basis or for a dedicated block of time. For example, a housekeeper might be retained to work three days a week in order to do laundry, run to the market, or pick up around the apartment while the Client is at work.

(While many modern individuals enjoy coming home to a clean and welcoming environment, what they’re often looking for is a housekeeper rather than a house cleaner.)

Housecleaners or House Keepers

Are SendWork Providers House Cleaners Housekeepers?

That depends on the individual.

SendWork service providers are full-service providers. They’re also independent contractors. And While SendWork offers clients the ability to pick and choose from a list of desired services, many of our Providers are willing and able to take on more responsibilities.

They don’t operate like robots, doing only what you checked off on a computer-generated order sheet. If you have some chores that are a little out of the ordinary, as long as you’ve specifically stated them (and the house cleaner has accepted them) then you’re good to go!

That’s why SendWork encourages Clients to discuss, very specifically, their needs in the description when requesting help with their household chores so the service provider fully understands before accepting the job. Furthermore, it is then in black and white and written down so there is no grey area for misunderstanding. Having this agreement in order before the job in question starts ensures you know what you’re getting for your money and that the Provider knows what is expected of them.

Mission Vision Value

SendWork’s Mission

Martha Hampton, our founder and creator, originally designed SendWork as a way for hard-working people in the hotel and hospitality industry to augment their personal income in their free time. The concept grew from there and she realized that not only could guest service workers apply their skills outside the hotel environment but concierge staff could as well—if they could get access to quality freelance jobs.

As a native of Colombia who came to Miami years ago, Martha knows first-hand the trouble that honest folks have making ends meet—especially when Spanish is their native language. She knows that finding work is difficult and finding good-paying jobs can be even harder. That’s why it was absolutely essential to her that SendWork was created with bilingual functionality. This levels the playing field so Spanish-speaking workers have more opportunities to earn and the ability to compete in an English-dominated environment.

Instant Translation Eliminates the Effort

SendWork was built with translation software that allows Provider and Client to communicate easily even if they’re speaking different languages.

If the Provider is English speaking, they receive job requests in English—simple as that. If the Provider only speaks Spanish (or is more comfortable speaking Spanish), SendWork automatically translates any English job request or description into Spanish. (The reverse is also true.)

Where SendWork really shines though is after the Service Provider and the Client have connected. Communication via SendWork’s built-in chat feature becomes effortless as all chat communications are automatically translated into the correct language instantly!

This ability to tap into an English-speaking job market allows hard-working Spanish speakers to reach clients they would have not otherwise been able to speak to let alone work for. This (theoretically) doubles the number of jobs a service Provider is qualified for immediately and those extra opportunities translate directly into more money in their pockets.

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