Manage Contractors And Workers That Work Remotely

For individuals and businesses that deal with contractors or workers that work remotely

Do you manage condominiums?
Do you manage vacation rentals?
Realtor that manages properties?
homeowner that use contractors?
SendWork App on Google Play
SendWork App on Google Play

Are You a Realtor Managing Properties?

Renting out short and long-term rentals?

VRBO, Homeaway or Airbnb Superhost?

Do you manage vacation rentals?

Management Company Managing Condominiums?

Home Associations or management company


SendWork’s automated scheduling and calendar system lets you and your contractor book new appointments and see upcoming ones at a glance. Plus, the automated reminders ensure nobody ever forgets where they’re supposed to be and when.

You get notifications when your contractor is traveling to the condo or home, when they’ve arrived, and when they leave. That means you always know how long they’ve physically been at the property, heling you to know how much time was spent at each job, especially if you pay by the hour.
Great for when you need to get in touch to deliver special tools, handle unforeseen events, or just check the work to ensure it’s up to your standards?


SendWork offers multiple ways you can instantly interact with your service professionals no matter where in the world you are.

You can use voice, video, and text chat that are completely independent of your cellphones’ video and text messaging applications. Plus, our text chat offers instant bilingual Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation!

It only takes a minute to check-in, take an actual look at the progress your service pro is making, and give any last-minute advice or instruction.