Invoicing customers out in the field

SendWork makes the invoicing process simple. Our business management software goes above and beyond commercially available accounting software.

When you use SendWork to track your jobs, every interaction (from scheduling to communication, to billing) takes place right in your SendWork App.

We track hours for you, let you put in manual changes, let Clients know invoices have been sent (and received), and give Clients easy ways to pay you, the contractor.

Invoicing and Payments

Generate invoices

With SendWork, you can generate an invoice and send it away with just a few button pushes. Most of the information is input automatically for you. You can even generate an invoice when you’re out of the office “in the field” and at a job site! And you never have to worry about that invoice getting lost in the mail.

Customers receiving invoices

SendWork’s automated invoices to include easy links your customer can use to pay you in seconds—no waiting for checks or clunky wire transfers.

SendWork can easily process cash, card payment (credit/debit cards), Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and Paypal so you have money in-hand within minutes, not hours or days.

Payment Options

Invoice with SendWork every time

While it is great for you to invite all your clients to work with you within the SendWork App, allowing your customers to schedule and communicate we know that sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to get the job done and get that invoice into the hands of the Client.

That’s why we’ve created the ability for Clients to receive and pay invoices via an SMS Text without the need for the customer to download and connect to your SendWork App. Customers can pay you remotely instantly. Funds are deposited into your bank or Venmo (unique feature) account within 1-3 business working days.

If you prefer to accept cash, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, wire or ACH that can be taken care of too. There is even an N/A option if you would prefer no payment to be taken but just to notify your customer that the work has been completed as ‘complimentary’.

The SendWork App was built as powerful business management software for your independent contracting business. That’s why we put you first. Come see how easier our invoicing can be. Download SendWork for free today and use it to track your next independent contracting project.

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