Our Laundry and Ironing Services in Miami Let You Live a Choreless Life

Considering taking advantage of our laundry or ironing services in Miami? You should. Our professionals can help free up your day and let you live that choreless lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Your Time isn’t Always Your Own

Your time is precious and should be spent on important things like work, friends, and family. You want to live life to the fullest and take advantage of everything that Miami has to offer (from the city’s exploding business world to the gorgeous playground environment). But are you making the most of your time?

Probably not.

It’s amazing how much of your day, your week, and your life is actually eaten up doing mundane (but necessary) household chores like laundry and ironing. These chores keep you and your apartment, condo, or home looking spectacular but they come at a cost.

Take laundry, for instance. How much time do you really spend tending to your clothes and linens?  The answer might surprise you.

Your Life as a Washing Machine

According to a survey performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics men spend 35 minutes per week doing laundry here in The States. That doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to some of the other things we have to put up with but how do you know you’re treating your clothes right? Do you read all the care labels? Do you separate correctly? Are your expensive garments getting the correct care that they need to look their best and last their longest?

Women, on the other hand, spend 119 minutes on laundry per week—almost two hours! That’s 17 minutes per day! (Where does all that time come from?) And that doesn’t even include ironing.

What else could we be doing with that extra two hours of “Me Time?” Shopping? Hitting the beach? Taking care of the kids? Maybe getting doing something special for yourself?

The long and the short of it is that you’re wasting your precious time with chores.

And you don’t have to!

Professional Laundry and Ironing Services in Miami Let You Take back Your Time

When you hire a professional to do your laundry and ironing for you, you get the best of everything.

  • You know you’re clothes are getting the care they deserve.
  • Your linens are always fresh and crisp (without you having to lift a finger).
  • You don’t have to plan your day around the washing machine’s slow cycles.
  • You reclaim up to two hours per week for fun or productive activities that you’d otherwise miss out on!

But here’s the secret:  You don’t even have to take your clothes to the laundry!

SendWork allows you to hire professional cleaners that will do the job for you right in your own home!

What do you get out of the deal?

More free time, peace of mind, and the convenience of a choreless lifestyle!

Laundry and Ironing

What’s Included in Our Laundry and Ironing Services in Miami?

Hourly Laundry Services

All hourly Laundry and Ironing services in our Miami Market area are provided at $22 per hour (with a minimum commitment of 3 hours). Or you can choose from our set price chore menu below.


1-4 Loads of Laundry

Includes:  Wash, Dry, Fold

Cost:  $44

Time Savings:  Up to 2 hours per week!


Includes:  Professional care for up to 20 items

Cost:  $44

Your Savings:  So much time and frustration!

Need more?

Ironing for 21 to 40 items is just $74

*An 8% fee is added to every job

Is it Time to Live a Choreless Life?

Want your laundry done professionally without the hassles of drop-off or pick-ups? Let SendWork’s professional cleaners help you live a choreless life affordably. Download the app for free and never do another load of laundry again!

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