Unhappy with Your Maid Service? Maybe it’s Time to Clean House!

The reason why you hired a maid service in Miami is to keep your house, condo, or apartment clean without having to do the work yourself. But how often do you find yourself picking up even after your maid service has finished for the day? How often do you spot things your cleaner has failed to do or things that should have been done better? Are you tired of paying a premium for an unsatisfactory clean? Maybe it’s time to hire a new house cleaner.

Sure, you’ve been using the same service for a long time. Sure you’ve grown comfortable with them. But if you’re paying too much for work that’s just not up to par then you’re wasting your time and your money.

Not Sure if Your Old Cleaner is Doing the Job?

Take a few minutes to look around your house. If your current maid service is dropping the ball it will be easy to spot.

Clean Bathroom

The Bathrooms

Look behind the toilet, under the sink, on top of the cabinets, and around the light fixtures. Are you spotting dust, dirty grout, hair, mold or mildew? These are the areas that a house cleaner will miss when they rush through a job. You pay them to clean the whole bathroom but they’re missing some of the most obvious dirt and grime!

The Kitchen

This is where you prepare the food you feed to yourself, your friends, and your family. It should be one of the cleanest rooms in your home but if your house cleaner is “phoning it in” you could be exposed to potential bacterial hazards which can cause illness.

Take a look around the edge of the sink, at the insides of your microwave and oven, in the hood above the range. Did you spot caked-on baked-on food, grime, grease, or suspicious stains?

When you pay a maid service to clean your kitchen, you deserve peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about the potential danger lurking in the corners.

The Living Areas

Your den, sitting room, living room, and bedrooms may look clean when the carpet is nicely vacuumed and the windows cleaned but is your maid service really going the distance? Take a look at the baseboard around the floor, on the ceiling fan, at the light fixtures, and on touch surfaces like light switches and door knobs. Did you spot those dust bunnies, fingerprints, and dirt and debris? You shouldn’t have.

The Solution to Your Frustration

If you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of your old maid service in Miami, maybe searching for another one isn’t the way to go. What if you could save money by hiring a professional house cleaner on an as-needed basis or without a restrictive contract?

SendWork Logo

SendWork is an easy-to-use mobile application IOS Android which puts you instantly in touch with hundreds of professional home cleaners in the Miami area. You get vetted, certified, professional cleaners with the skills and experience you deserve without the hassles of a cleaning agency.

  • No long-term contracts
  • No wait times
  • Clear to-do description transparency
  • No inflated prices

All of our professional home cleaners in Miami are self-starting go-getters in business because their passionate about what they do. Plus their very livelihoods depend on their professional reputation. That means you get the best clean every time.

You can hire a cleaner for one-time trial and if you like the service they provide you can create your own regular cleaning schedule to have your home cleaned whenever you want. Need an extra clean-up before or after a special occasion? No problem. Simply log in, submit a request, and you can have a house cleaner at your door within minutes.

So what do you say? Is it time to give your old maid service the dust off? Try SendWork today and live cleaner tomorrow.

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