Personal Management App to Make Your Life Easier

Manage your home service providers from the palm of your hand

Your life is busy. You’re always on the go. It’s hard to juggle everything you have to get done in one day.

That’s made doubly hard when you’re miles away from where you need to be. It’s nearly impossible to keep your own home clean with all the work and social commitments you have.

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How can you keep up with the necessary chores in your apartment, condo, or rental properties when you’re hundreds (or thousands) of miles away?

SendWork has the solution

SendWork is a free app created to help clients manage their home service providers and contractors (such as their existing home cleaners). But the magic of the mobile app is that you can use it from anywhere in the world. (Well, anywhere you get cellular or WiFi coverage.)

That means you can keep an eye on your house cleaner while you’re vacationing in the Caribbean. You can ensure your rental properties in Florida are being properly maintained while you’re in New York on business. You can dispatch cleaners, maintenance people, and handypersons, and more to properties you have listed for sale or lease while checking out new units you’re interested in or dealing face-to-face with current clients.

Find a New Professional or Upgrade Your Current Client/Contractor Relationships

Mobile management control of your contractors such as gardeners, pool maintenance, cleaners, and handymen simply makes your life easier. Not only do you have access to our ever-growing network of professional providers via on-demand—you can add your own existing contractors and use all of our app functions to manage your contractor relationships.

That means that when you add existing contractors that you’re already working with, you gain a whole new set of tools including schedulers, GPS tracking, secure credit card payment options, instant communication and so much more.

Management App

Below are three real-world examples in which our mobile application saves the day.

1)  Managing Rental Properties

Do you own multiple rental properties? Do you list your own vacation home or condo on vacation rental sites? Are you the manager of one or more multi-unit apartment houses? SendWork was built for you.

You already have qualified, experienced cleaners to come in and freshen up these rental properties between guests, between tenants, or before they’re rented for the first time.

Use the handy management app calendar and scheduler to let your cleaner when and where to be. They’ll get alerts (one day and one hour) before their scheduled appointment so your properties are never “forgotten” about. You’ll get notifications when they’re en-route, when they start the job, and when they finish. Nervous about hiring a freelancer when you’re not in town? Don’t be. Our GPS tracking allows you to see exactly where your service provider is so you’re sure they’re where they should be when they should be.

When the job is done to your satisfaction, you can pay (via credit card) using our secure in-app payment option. Those funds will be deposited directly into contractor’s bank account.

2)  Keeping “Home” Clean When You’re Miles Away

Maybe you don’t have rental properties but it seems like you’re never home. Maybe you travel a lot (for work or play). Maybe you have friends and family that you check up on regularly. Maybe it’s just a one-time business trip that’s keeping you from doing those chores you love to do so much. SendWork can help you keep your home, pool, and yard clean when you’re not even around.

Of course you get all the same features listed above but, if you already have a home service provider you know and trust, you don’t have to give them up. Add them to the SendWork network and simplify all of your remote interactions.

It’s not just home cleaners you can add. SendWork allows you to add gardeners, handymen, pool maintenance workers, mobile dog groomers and more!

Why the switch? Our communications suite lets you message and chat in real time. You can pull up the calendar and schedule an appointment while you’re interacting directly with your provider. And if your home service provider has a hard time speaking English, our built-in automatic translation facilitates bi-lingual English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English communication on the fly.

Streamline communication with live bi-lingual text, video or audio chat. Eliminate confusion. Maintain accurate scheduling so there are no misunderstandings. Get notified when your contractors are en-route, started and finished and know they are physically at the location. All while you’re miles away.

3)  Juggle Multiple Properties for Sale or Lease using the Management App

As a realtor, you can’t possibly be in two places at once—though you often need to be. If you have multiple properties for sale or lease, you want those properties to look as good as possible for potential interested buyers and tenants. But how to you get them up to your standards without doing the work yourself?

  • You could delegate to friends and/or family (which almost always ends badly).
  • You could work with a professional service (Which means signing contracts, paying outrageous fees, and always dealing with an extra layer of communication between you and the service provider).
  • Or you could use SendWork.

SendWork allows you to hire or add multiple service providers or contractors and manage them all from your mobile device. Need to hire a home cleaner and pool person to get a property in ship-shape? You can do that. Have a job that’s simply too big for one cleaner? Hire another to help out. Need cleaners in two properties at the same time? You can do that too. On-demand services are expanding and may not be in your neighbor yet but it does not stop you adding your existing personal providers. That’s exactly what the app was built for. Treat it as your personal management app.

Plus, with all the oversite, communication, and payment options mentioned above, you can streamline managing multiple professionals, multiple properties, and multiple appointments while you’re out of the office and on the go.

Mobile Management Made Easy

Forget about sending texts or emails that get lost. No more playing phone tag with your cleaning service. Don’t stress about whether your provider is doing the job you hired them for.

SendWork’s built-in communication and management features let you keep a close eye on every professional you hire. You get the hassle-free and worry-free service you deserve without the hard work. Plus, you do everything from your mobile device while you’re out of town, out of state, or even out of the country.

And payment has never been easier. When you add a service provider you’re currently working with, you can opt to keep using the same payment method you already are or you can use SendWork’s integrated secure credit card payment processing. You get the safety and security of an ironclad digital transaction with no worries about transferring funds from your credit card to their account. They get quick and easy payments delivered right to their bank account in hours not days or weeks.

Download the free app today (available on Android and IOS devices) and see how easy managing your professional service providers can truly be. Contractors require Android (ios coming soon).