Why You Need Business Management Software for Your Service Contracting Business

When you’re just starting to get your contracting business off the ground, it’s tempting to take the lowest cost option every time. For example, you may be using “paper and pen” documents or outdated desktop software to manage all your client relations, time tracking, and accounts billable. It may be working out alright for you. You’re making money, clients are happy, your business is stable. But if you’re asking yourself why you need business management software for your contracting business, chances are you already know things could be better.

You know there are software options out there that will let you do things quicker (automatically in many cases), easier, and with less stress and fewer mistakes than your outdated record-keeping method is causing you. But really, how many aspects of your day-to-day activities can business management software for your contracting business really affect?

Client, Customer, and Project Tracking

When you use a mobile app instead of desktop business management software for your contracting business, you have easy access to all sort of necessary information without the need for carrying file folders or over-stuffed datebook with you. Mobile apps let you keep and track:

  • Customer contact information
  • Jobsite details (like addresses, security codes, customer preferences, etc.)
  • Appointment times and duration
  • Communication histories

And so much more.

And all of that fits in your pocket or in the glove box of your car.

No Running Back to the Office

When you use mobile business management software, you never have to run back to the office for papers you’ve forgotten. Everything you need from contact info to billing to your datebook is right on your phone or mobile device. (Just remember to pack a charger so your battery never runs dry!)

Easy Invoicing and Billing for your Contracting Business

Paper time tracking is not efficient at all. Timecards can be lost. You still have to do all the addition by hand. And even when things are all added up, you have to plug that into an invoice before you ever get paid.

With mobile business management software for your contracting business, you can automate your time tracking. Some even offer GPS tracking that starts time tracking the minute you arrive at a jobsite. This lets your client always know how long you spent at a jobsite and you always know how many hours to bill for.

But beyond that, your software can often automate invoice creation by plugging in billing info, billable hours, and other considerations for you. Usually, all you’ll have to do is hit the “send” button and your customized invoices are on the way.

Scheduling and Time Management

Ever find yourself forgetting an appointment? Double-booking a day? Trying to squeeze in one more job in a single 24-hour window? Mobile business management software can help you eliminate the hassles of scheduling altogether.

With quickly and easily accessible scheduling functions, you can see what you have on your plate ahead of time, schedule hours, days, or months in advance, and never book two clients on the same day. Plus, the best automated business management software for your contracting business will always include appointment reminders. Mobile apps even use push notifications to send text messages and alerts right to your phone so you always know what you’ve got going.

Automation Saves You Time

When you automate any part of your contracting business, it saves you time. And that time translates directly into money. By reducing the amount of time you use scheduling, creating invoicing, or chasing payments, you can shift your attention to more important things like actually working. In addition, that free time allows you to create (or expand) future business plans, spend more time on marketing to get even more contracts, and even carve out a little time for yourself and your family.

Price Versus Value

When shopping for the best mobile business management software for your contracting business, it’s important to weight the cost of the software against the value it provides. Many apps give you access to powerful management tools you don’t even need for a large lump sum. Others allow you to access features piecemeal but only after you pay more for those perks you could actually use.

You need to find an app that balances both price and profit. Make sure the business management software actually delivers what it says it will for the price advertised.

In addition, look for an app that offers multiple pricing plans so you can try it out in order to see if you like it without getting into a contract or subscription you can’t easily back out of. Pay-As-You-Go options are great for sampling the software or when your contracting business is just starting out, but subscriptions options (with smaller fees) work well for busy contractors with multiple jobs or multiple clients.

Business Software that Lets You Run Your Contracting Business

Do you ever feel like your business is running you? Take control of almost every aspect of your contracting business with a powerful, multi-function mobile application that provides business management tools you actually need. Not only will you save time and money but you’ll actually be able to run your business, not the other way around.