Martha Hampton

Martha Hampton is a proficient luxury hotelier. She has successfully parlayed that indulgent level of customer service experience into other business areas including luxury travel and on demand employment in Miami and her native Cartagena, Colombia. But success hasn’t jaded her and she has never lost sight of what powers the luxury service industry:  the people it employs.

Her newest endeavor—SendWork—taps the service-based on demand economy to empower skilled service providers to take their success into their own hands and build part-time or even full-time incomes of their own..

Founder of SendWork - Martha Hampton

Exception Service Skills in Luxurious Settings

Martha Hampton has been a high-end hotelier in the Miami area for years. She’s provided top-tier guest experiences at prestigious properties including:

This opportunity has allowed her to become an expert in lifestyle management and concierge services. She often knows what discerning clients want even before they do. This “sixth sense” combined with an uncanny ability to apply the right employee at just the right time to get the job done has served her well in her career.

But it’s also fed into her passion:  empowering those same employees to take control of their own incomes and improve their lives personally and professionally.

The Birth of SendWork

When, as a hotelier, Martha’s employees came to her looking for ways to earn more money there were not many options available to her. Otherwise restrained by the staffing needs of a specific property, all she could do was suggest was to apply their skills independently.

The notion that an on demand economy existed but wasn’t being properly served by giant anonymous online classified services like Craigslist spawned an idea: What if there was an easy-to-use hiring platform that allowed these skilled professionals to find clients of their own and supplement their incomes outside the traditional employer/employee model?

SendWork began as a simple online and mobile platform to do just that—create opportunities to connect people who have skills with clients who need them. From there it’s grown into a full-service freelance provider network that gives skilled employees a chance to be their own boss and even create full-fledged independent contracting businesses of their own.

What began as a simple solution to a common problem has grown into a wonderful way for traditional employees to provide increased financial security for themselves and their families while at the same time affording them the freedom to work around important events in their personal lives.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

According to the NY Post there are more than 41 million native Spanish speakers in in The United States today. Add on to that another 11 million people who are bilingual (speaking both Spanish and English). But the language barrier is still one of the biggest obstacles that otherwise motivated and ambitious skilled workers must overcome.

It’s hard for native Spanish speakers (or those with only basic English language skills) to get the types of jobs which put their valuable skills to the best use. It’s hard for these hard-working folks to get the jobs that pay better than average wages. It’s hard for them to build a business of their own when they can’t even connect with well-paying clients in the affluent communities within Miami.

But the SendWork Provider app smashes through that language barrier automatically!

Instant Translation Eliminates the Effort

SendWork was built with translation software that allows Provider and Client to communicate easily even if they’re speaking different languages.

If the Provider is English speaking, they receive job requests in English—simple as that. If the Provider only speaks Spanish (or is more comfortable speaking Spanish), SendWork automatically translates any English job request or description into Spanish. (The reverse is also true.)

Where SendWork really shines though is after the Service Provider and the Client have connected. Communication via SendWork’s built-in chat feature becomes effortless as all chat communications are automatically translated into the correct language instantly!

This ability to tap into an English-speaking job market allows hard-working Spanish speakers to reach clients they would have not otherwise been able to speak to let alone work for. This (theoretically) doubles the number of jobs a service Provider is qualified for immediately and those extra opportunities translate directly into more money in their pockets.

Need a service provider? Want to earn more money with the skills you already have? Learn how SendWork works and reap the benefits of an on demand economy