Need a House Cleaner on Brickell Avenue?

Miami’s Brickell Avenue has experienced an explosive rebirth. These luxury residential condos and high-rise apartments in Miami’s financial district are nothing short of spectacular, attracting young millionaires, movie stars, angel investors, financiers—anyone and everyone under 40 with their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot in Florida.

Brickell’s City Centre is a shining $1.05 billion example of this rebirth:  a massive commercial and residential complex complete with high-end retail shops, leisure activities, and luxury accommodations.  It is, at its heart, an homage to the expertly planned turn-of-the-century communities which built Florida’s East Coast and made Miami an international business and entertainment hotspot.

But experiencing true luxury isn’t just about living in an expensive condo. True luxury is a lifestyle and successful young professionals are finally learning that. One of the most important aspects of that affluent lifestyle is freeing yourself from menial chores. You have to take back the time to truly experience the joy you’ve earned.

Why You Need a House Cleaner in Brickell Avenue

A recent CNN report shows that average Americans spend over 8 hours per day working (though businesspeople know the 8-hour day is just a myth—you’re never “off the clock”). Add another 7+ hours sleeping and you’re up to 15 hours out of a 24-hour day. Other essentials like meals, hygiene, and shopping for groceries bring that total up, leaving you with just 5 hours per day to do what you want.

Why add yet another hour of house cleaning to your daily routine?

Your time is precious. As a successful individual you can afford the luxury of letting someone else take over menial tasks in your life. Laundry, dishes, washing floors, vacuuming—it all cuts into your precious free time, time that should be spent:

  • Relaxing with family and friends
  • Reinvesting in your business
  • Finding your inner peace (or that perfect car/handbag/watch/ yacht)
  • Living the life you’ve always dreamed of

Where to Find the Best House Cleaners in Brickell

SendWork is a mobile App that allows you to easily find the best house cleaners in Brickell. The freelance house cleaners who earn a place in our network have:

  • Successfully passed national criminal background checks
  • Demonstrated significant experience in their field (at least 1 year)
  • Maintained a positive feedback rating (which you can use to help make pick the best house cleaners around)

And best of all, you can contract one of our freelance house cleaners in the Brickell area with the click of a button—our mobile app makes finding a professional cleaner a snap!

Start Living Your Carefree Life Today

Why spend any more time than you have to worrying about day-to-day chores that suck hours away from what’s really important? Let the SendWork network of professionals free you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle you’ve earned.

Learn how to save time and money by hiring a freelance house cleaner through SendWork