The On-Demand Economy’s Growth Will Continue

Several years ago it may have been tempting to dismiss the on-demand economy as a fad or a trend that would soon die out. After all, we’ve all been working in a “traditional” economy based on relationships between companies, their employees, and the consumers they serve since the beginning of time (well, almost). But several shocking statistics have come to light in the past few years that clearly demonstrate that not only is the on-demand economy here, but it is here to stay. In fact, one estimate shows that the on-demand economy will keep growing until it employs almost half of the US workforce.

(And when will this happy future take place? As soon as 2020!)

US Workforce

The On-Demand Economy:  Doing Big Business in Little Bites

The latest financial statistics concerning the on-demand economy show that it’s a massive and integral part of the entire US economy. According to the National Technology Readiness Survey On-Demand services now account for roughly $57 billion annually. That’s five times as much as multi-billionaire Bill Gates made last year.

But those gross numbers don’t really paint the whole picture. It makes more sense to see how this growing economy is affecting real people in their everyday lives. And according to tax giant Intuit that influence is irreplaceable.

In a comprehensive study, Intuit estimated that by 2020 43% of the total U.S. workforce will be employed (at least part-time) by on-demand economy jobs. That’s an increase of 34% in just 3 years!

What’s more important though is that these new on-demand workers are simply loving their new jobs!

The Intuit study found that:

  • 70% of on-demand workers are “satisfied” with their work.
  • 81% of them plan to continue working in the on-demand field.
  • 63% of them report being “happier” as on-demand service providers.
  • 46% people in this “new” economy enjoy the flexible scheduling it allows them.
Happiness and Money

What Are On-Demand Apps?

These apps are mobile programs which allow users to quickly and easily connect with service providers in their area.

For example:

  • If you need a lift, there are multiple ridesharing services available which allow you to “hire” private individuals who will take you from Point A to Point B in their personal cars.
  • Need a place to stay for a weekend getaway? Ditch the hotel and “couch surf” using on-demand apps like Air BnB.
  • Need to hire a freelancer to build a website for the Etsy hobby/business you run out of your garage? There’s an app for that too!

And while many people have yet to embrace the on-demand economy in its entirety, many have jumped in feet-first. In Fact, 42% of all adults in the US have used an on-demand app at some point within the last year, according to a survey created by BursonMarsteller, the Aspen Institute and Time.

Are you among that 42%? If not, statistics suggest you soon will be.

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