Quality House Cleaners in Brickell

You shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of living the type of exciting, fun-filled life you desire. And that includes house cleaning! SendWork is an easy-to-use mobile app on which you can find house cleaners in Brickell for small one-time jobs or recurring weekly or monthly cleanings. You can hire these professional freelance cleaners in Brickell at a moment’s notice or book visits when your busy schedule allows.

Free yourself up to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and still maintain that spotless home!

And unlike other cleaners in Brickell, our fully vetted service providers aren’t tied to any cleaning services or nationwide franchises. They work for themselves which means you get better hourly rates, more flexibility when scheduling, and a direct connection to your personal service provider.

Ease of Use

SendWork isn’t like those anonymous “gig” websites. It’s a dedicated platform on which cleaners in Brickell and the greater Miami area can advertise and connect with people (like you) who want or need their services to maintain a certain level of comfort at home. And while the powerful SendWork mobile app gives you exclusive access to this ever-growing network of cleaners in Brickell, it’s so easy to use.

  1. Input your area code to unlock a list of all the available cleaners in the Brickell area.
  2. Scan through their client-generated feedback ratings to see who does the best job.
  3. Choose the best freelance cleaner for you.

Within minutes they’re at your door ready to clean.

And when it comes time to pay, everything is handles secure via digital transaction (no need for cash or checks.)

SendWork truly represents concierge-level service with push-button ease.

Available on a Moment’s Notice

SendWork is unique because it allows freelance cleaners in Brickell to decide when they’re “on duty” and when they’re not. This frees them up to live life outside of work but it also gives you the power to find cleaners in Brickell at the push of a button. All of the cleaners you see listed as available are “on duty” in your area and minutes away.

That’s perfect if you need a rush job (say a quick home cleaning before guests arrive). Just select that particular cleaner in Brickell and SendWork will notify them of your request instantly. When they accept your job you’ll get instant direct communication via our integrated chat feature as well as GPS location services (updated in real time) so you know right where your Brickell cleaner is and when they’re going to show up at your door.

Schedule Cleaners When You Need Them

If you need cleaners in Brickell but don’t need them right now, you can work with your chosen freelance provider to schedule a cleaning whenever it’s convenient for you—tomorrow, next week, next month.

This feature is perfect for rental property owners who need their properties cleaned in between renters or individuals who would prefer their homes cleaned on a regular basis rather than as-needed.

Safety and Security

And, unlike those “gig” websites, SendWork gives you unprecedented levels of security when you hire freelance cleaners in Brickell and the greater Miami area from out growing network of providers.

Background Checks

Every single one of our service providers must undergo a thorough national criminal background check before they’re ever admitted into our network. You can’t say that for any of those online classified sites. When you hire cleaners in Brickell through SendWork, you always know who will be showing up at your door.

User-Generated Feedback Ratings

But how do you know your chosen cleaner will do a good job? That’s where the user-generated feedback comes in. Every cleaner on SendWork has a feedback score. That score is generated by previous clients and can’t be “doctored” by the service provider. The higher the score, the better the cleaner.

When you choose highly rated cleaners in Brickell via SendWork, you know you’re getting someone who will do the job right the first time and complete everything in a timely fashion.

Payment Options

SendWork also offers several secure payment methods to put your mind at ease. And all of our secure transactions are handled digitally with funds transferring directly into your cleaner’s accounts. (There’s never any need for cash or checks and none of your financial information is every disclosed to the provider.)

Investing in Your Local Community

Supporting local providers is a wonderful way to give back to the community and reinvest your dollars into the local economy. When you hire cleaners in Brickell from those national chains, they only get a small portion of the fee you pay. A lot of the money gets funneled back to the service or on to the corporate office halfway across the country.

SendWork is different. When you hire cleaners in Brickell using our secure network, 95% of the fee you pay goes directly into that person’s pocket.  SendWork keeps 95% which allows us to continue advertising and promoting the Providers.

That money does so much good right in the Brickell area. It helps your freelance service provider lead a better life, reinvest in their business to help it grow, and trickles down to other area businesses.

The Best Cleaners in Brickell at the Push of a Button

If the idea of having a clean home at the push of a button sounds great to you, learn how SendWork can make your life easier and free you up to do the things you love. Better yet, download the mobile app and find your perfect cleaners in Brickell today.