Realtors and Real Estate Agents Management Software

The Problem

Realtors and real estate agents who utilize multiple contractors to perform services in the field are faced with a seemingly insurmountable workload in managing these workers from the initial customer engagement through delivery to completion. After all, it is extremely difficult to be positive that your contractors are working at 100% and delivering their best all of the time when you’re overseeing them from a central office. The distance between management and those in charge of actually delivering the results creates opportunities for failure at nearly every turn. Communication can break down in these situations and that failure results in customer service disasters of various sizes.

Managing contractors in charge of providing services for properties you manage can be especially challenging when you’re attempting to do it remotely (from the car or with clients). When contractors don’t arrive when scheduled, or clients change their plans at short notice, or a simple project you’d planned for turns into a complex problem the system breaks down. That breakdown results in frantic phone calls, a flurry of text messages, and a toxic buildup of anxiety in the manager (that’s you!)

On the surface, property management seems like the ideal profession but realtors and real estate agents who has been in the business for any length of time knows that if you’re not on top of every aspect of it at all times the process can quickly become overwhelming, eating into your freedom and consuming much more of your free time than you’d ever imagine.

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The Solution

The solution to the problem laid out above is easily implemented when you have the right tools in hand. Indeed, the process for streamlining the management of remote service contractors requires just two things:

1) An Eagle-Eye View of Contractor Operations

2) Effective (and Efficient) Communication

You can find both of those things in one place: SendWork.

Operational Overview

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of project management of a property when you’re attempting to manage every contractor under your command from “in the trenches.” When you do things that way it feels like you’re constantly putting out fires while stumbling over new roadblocks that keep you from ever getting ahead. Instead, step out of the mud and take to the sky!

By adopting a top-down view of all your managed properties (and therefore, the contractors servicing them) you can begin to see the workflow in its entirety and spot potential problems before they cause issues.

SendWork has a host of powerful tools built-in to its mobile project management platform that can help you do just that. You get:

  • A Booking/Scheduling Calendar that lets you plot projects months in advance
  • GPS tracking so you always know where your contractors are
  • Automatic reminders (via push notification) so neither you nor your contractors ever forget an appointment
  • Communicate in real-time with added built in automatic bilingual chat translated (Spanish to English to Spanish)
  • Communicate via voice
  • Communicate via video to see exactly what (if any) the issue is
  • The optional ability for contractors to create invoices, send payment requests, for payment with Cards, Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, Wire/ACH  or good old fashioned cash from one universal app

Having the ability to take a step back and look at the big picture allows you to remove yourself from the chaos and rise above. This, in turn, frees up your time, streamlines the property management process, and allows you to deliver better customer service every time.

Communication that Works

Every plan fails at some point. It’s not enough for you to be able to see all of your contractors and properties in the big picture. You have to be able to quickly respond to any problems that may arise. That’s where SendWork’s communication suite comes in handy.

We’ve built multiple modes of communication into our mobile application so that:

  • You’re constantly reachable (when you want to be)
  • Contractors can get in touch, book appointments, or discuss future work at a moment’s notice
  • Workers working for you are always accessible

We’ve included:

  • Text chat
  • Push notification messages
  • Live chat
  • Video chat
  • Instantaneous bilingual translation
  • Location services
  • Multiple easy payments

Unlike standard methods of communication (cellphone calls, emails, etc.), with SendWork you don’t have to worry about response time growing until it becomes a problem. Indeed, our communication suite lets you respond instantly so small hurdles don’t have time to build into roadblocks.

The Power to Streamline in Your Palm

Free Management App

The best part about SendWork’s mobile contractor management software is that it is free and contains everything you need on one handy application you can carry with you anywhere you go. You get planning, communication, payroll, and payment processing services at the click of a button. You can manage your properties from around the corner or around the world. Anywhere you get a cellular or Wi-Fi connection can be your office.

Don’t let your property management business control your life. Try SendWork today and learn how the right software can put you back in control.