Refresh Your Rental Properties without the Hassle

You want your rental properties in Miami to make a killer first impression. Everything has to be “just so” to take that renter’s breath away and (hopefully) make them book again before they even leave the first time. That’s how you maintain a steady stream of rental revenue, right? But is cleaning your properties in between renters a hassle? It can be—especially if those properties are remote or you own more than one. You can’t simply drop everything and clean every rental yourself.

But hiring a cleaner can be dicey. Who can you trust? Who will do the best job? What about rush jobs? Are they really working when they say they are?

SendWork is a revolutionary mobile app that lets you find (and manage) professional cleaners with the tap of a few buttons.

How SendWork Works for Property Owners in Miami

We created and maintain an extensive database of local house cleaners that are available at a moment’s notice. These experts are freelance house cleaners in Miami aren’t tied to any service or agency. (That means you get the results you need without all the hidden fees and long-term contracts.) And every one goes through an extensive vetting process which includes a background check. Work is monitored by the actual clients themselves and a cleaner’s feedback score accurately represents the quality of work they deliver.

You can use SendWork to find a trustworthy house cleaner to make taking care of your rental properties easy and make earning that revenue hassle-free.

What if You Already Have a Cleaner You Like?

SendWork has created a handy and useful mobile app that has all sorts of features house cleaners and their clients can use to make their relationship so much smoother. In fact, it can often become an essential management tool for property owners.

What does the app do?

There are 6 essential features that make the SendWork app a must-have for property rental mangers.

Management Features for Property Owners

1) Instant Communication

You can chat live with your cleaner with the touch of a button. Why not simply call? Live Chat lets you actually see where they are and what they’re doing.

2) Track Your Cleaner in Real-Time

The GPS functionality lets you follow your cleaner wherever they go—see when they arrive at your property, see when they leave. (Make sure you’re not paying for hours they’re not working!) Plus, in a time-sensitive situation, you can tell roughly how long it will take your cleaners to get to any of your properties—a life saver for those last-minute rentals.

3) Securely Pay with Ease

SendWork’s integrated payment system lets you pay on-the-spot via secure debit/credit card or venmo card for your convenience. There’s no messy invoices or bills to get lost, writing out checks, or cash payment necessary.

4) Recruit at a Moment’s Notice

Your current cleaner have an emergency? Is the job a little more than you bargained for? SendWork allows you to instantly recruit any of our freelancer house cleaners operating in the Miami area at a moment’s notice. Most of our cleaners can be at a property within minutes and have your job done before the deadline.

5) Scheduling is a Snap

Don’t need your rental property cleaned ASAP? SendWork also allows you to schedule your cleaning dates ahead—even weeks or months in advance—so you can maintain a regular schedule and keep your renters happy.

6) Your Favorites Right Where You Need Them

You can add any of the cleaners you like to your “Favorite List.” This not only lets you keep track of the people who do the best job, it’s better for them as well. “Favorite” service providers actually earn a higher percentage of the total job fee (as much as 95%) than one-time users.

Ask Your Cleaner to Use SendWork and Never Worry Again

We know that when you give SendWork a try you’ll love all the functionality we’ve built in. But we don’t want you to cut out the cleaners who are already working for you. Ask them to download the app and become one of our SendWork freelance service providers. Not only will it make your working relationship so much easier, it may earn them new clients and allow them to grow their business as well.

Learn more about how SendWork works or download the App today.