We live in a Busy Bee World

We live in a very busy world and sometimes it’s almost impossible to get things done on time without a little help—or, sometimes, a lot of help. Need to give the house a deep cleaning before the in-laws come up for the weekend, Do you need to request a house cleaner? Maybe the dining room and den need paint before the annual family holiday party? Opening the guest house for the summer while working 24/7?

How can you get it all done with work and kids (maybe) and your personal commitments?

You just need more than two hands!

The Help You Need at the Push of a Button

The SendWork network of freelance professionals makes getting the help you need easy. This simple-to-use mobile application lets you find qualified (and experienced) local cleaners.

You can request the work immediately (if you need to get that spare bedroom tidied up by the weekend) or schedule workers for a specific time in the future (like when the kids are at school and out of the way).

Plus you can hire one professional or as many as you need to get everything done on your cleaning Todo list.

How SendWork Works

We’ve created a network of reliable, trustworthy, local professionals. These individuals can provide the same high-quality results you’d expect from an agency or national chain but without the overhead costs. That means you get the job done for less and can often negotiate a price you’re comfortable with.

Simply use the SendWork mobile App to quickly and easily find the professional service providers close to you. Scroll through their profiles to find the perfect one (or more) for whatever you need done. Then push a button to contact them and schedule your job!

When the job is done you can pay the worker directly using your credit card with the safe SendWork payment system to transfer funds securely.

Finding the Perfect Helping Hands

How do you find the best workers for your jobs? SendWork uses a client feedback system to reward excellent freelancers. Previous clients can judge the work they’ve done and submit feedback (which permanently stays on their profile). This allows you to see how well they’ve performed in the past and judge if they’re right for you.

For your security and peace of mind, every one of our freelance workers must pass a criminal background check and must verify that they have at least 1 year of experience in their field of expertise before they’re ever admitted into our network.

The Hassle-Free Way to Get Things Done

You can’t always do things yourself. (And sometimes you just don’t want to.) But hiring professionals to do the job has always been a hassle. Plus it can cost an arm and a leg. But with SendWork you get professional quality work from local service providers every time. And you get it a much more affordable price than dealing with big businesses and national franchises.

Request House Cleaner

Learn how SendWork can help you save time, save money, and take control of your life. Get all your odd jobs done easily. Download our free mobile App today.