A Revolutionary On-Demand Employment Platform

Find Service Providers When You Need Them!

The simple answer is that the SendWork app is an online/mobile platform for connecting clients and service providers in the on-demand economy in the greater Miami area. SendWork makes it easy for people who need certain service providers (such as house cleaners, housekeepers and ironing) to quickly and easily connect with verified (and vetted) freelance workers.

On the flipside, skilled service providers can use the SendWork App to find one-time gigs, temporary or recurring contracts to supplement or completely replace income they earn from “traditional” employer/employee work relationships.

The system was designed with safety, security, and ease-of-use in mind and provides multiple benefits for both clients and freelancers including:

  • Extensive vetting/verification (including background checks) of service providers
  • A results-oriented feedback rating system (which elevates the profiles of excellent service providers)
  • Real time updates so clients can find providers when they need them (and providers can find work when it fits on their free time)
  • The ability to securely pay/receive payment via the SendWork app

But SendWork is much more than that.

SendWork App

Empowering Freelance Entrepreneurs with the SendWork App

Martha Hampton, SendWork’s creator, has an extensive résumé as a luxury hotelier and recognized that many of her former employees suffered from a gap in their income. She knew these folks could provide services people needed—reliable house cleaning, etc.—but they had no way to connect with the clients who needed them. She envisioned the SendWork platform as a way for smart, resourceful, and motivated freelance service providers to use their skills to fill this need and earn a decent extra income.

The SendWork App is a powerful outreach platform built to give those service providers the tools they needed to create their income, work around home life and family commitments, and empower them to build thriving freelance businesses in their “off hours”. In fact, the entire system is designed to give excellent service providers a competitive edge!

The Fee Schedule

SendWork’s Fee Schedule is tiered to encourage repeat clientele.

When a freelancer completes the work 95% goes straight to the Provider. The remaining 8% covers the significant promotional and infrastructural investments SendWork has made to ensure that

  • Only top freelancers make it into the pool of SendWork Service Providers
  • Providers have an ever-growing pool of verified, paying clients to engage and work for.
  • Our top Providers constantly secure repeat business from the same clients—either on a regular or sporadic basis.

This encourages freelancers to Provider top-tier service the first (and every time) as well as rewarding them for doing so. (SendWork uses the remaining 8% to keep the system running, constantly upgrade, and maintain an active marketing system to capture even more qualified clients for the providers.)

This freelancer-biased business model creates a mutual respect between clients and service providers while encouraging long-term relationships that are profitable for both parties.

Filling the On-Demand Service Void in Miami

There’s no shortage of need in Miami either. It’s affluent. It’s highly populated. It continues to grow.

The young professionals that live here live to the fullest. They’re tech-savvy, used to hiring providers online, and aren’t afraid to buck the traditional economic model that’s created such a wage gap in the first place. They are ready, willing, and able to pay freelancers so they can retain their time for personal use.

This ever-increasing on-demand economy is the perfect environment in which forward-thinking entrepreneurs can thrive and SendWork is the platform built for their success.