Earn What Your Time is Really Worth

If you have a particular set of skills, we’re looking for you. SendWork is actively looking for freelance service providers in Miami who have experience in the hotel/hospitality industries. We are a fast-growing online platform promoting freelance service providers in the greater Miami area. We connect people with skills (like you) with the clients who need them. We pay above average wages (around $21.00 per hour  or more for exceptional service providers) and can help you supplement or even replace your current income.

Imagine being your own boss. Working the hours you want to work. Doubling your current income.

If that sounds good to you, read on!

Who We Need

SendWork is specifically looking for people with housekeeping skills in the Miami area.

If you’ve worked as a housekeeper in the hotel business or with a cleaning service or are currently (or formerly) employed you could be earning as much as $21.00 per hour or more making home visits to affluent homes in the Miami area.

You’ve earned those exceptional skills through years of on-the-job-training and perhaps even specialty schooling. You know they’re worth more than you’re making at your 9-to-5. SendWork can help you maximize your earning potential.

Work around your current schedule for a few hours per week or create your own freelance business and work as much as you want (or need).

Why We Need Them

Miami is one of the nation’s fastest growing urban areas. It’s also one of the most affluent with more up-and-comers per capita than almost anywhere else in the country. These folks (usually young and tech-savvy) aren’t afraid to pay for convenience. Hiring out their routine house cleaning chores frees them up to make money, have fun, and live life.

These wealthy young individuals are familiar with the work-on-demand economy created by massive online job boards but are wary of the quality of service they receive from those anonymous “gig” sites. That’s why SendWork was created—so freelance service providers like you could showcase your skills, earn a solid reputation through client feedback, and let these affluent clients know that when they choose you, they’re choosing the best.

Secure Your Financial Freedom as a Freelance Service Provider

Typically a house cleaner working for a service or in the hotel industry earns about $9.50 an hour. It’s hard to make ends meet when you’re barely clearing minimum wage.

Martha Hampton, SendWork’s founder, worked as a General Manager in the luxury hotel industry for years. She saw great people struggling all the time and knew there had to be a better way. She created SendWork with the philosophy that these service providers:

  • Have solid skills people are willing to pay for
  • Deserve the ability to create their own paycheck
  • Should be able to balance work and family commitments

To that end Martha created a pay scale that’s more than fair. In fact, SendWork’s freelance service providers often make double what they can in traditional employer/employee settings.

The Fee Scale

SendWork typically charges house cleaning clients $20 per hour (which they’re happy to pay). If you were working for a service over half of that would go to the company for overhead costs and to pay your superiors.

However, on a service provider’s first job with SendWork they earn 80% of that ($16.00 per hour)! And it only gets better from there.

When a provider earns repeat clients (through exceptional service) they earn 92% of the total ($18.40 per hour). More if you opt for a job that requires you to bring cleaning products to work.

Upgrade Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Paycheck

If you have experience as a house cleaner in Miami, SendWork is looking for you.

Isn’t it about time you took charge of your paycheck and earned what your skills are really worth? Learn how SendWork can help you take control of your life, earn more, and build a successful business of your own. Contact us today.