SendWork House Cleaners Earn More than Average in Miami

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to make more money doing what you already do, the SendWork Personal Management app (SendWork Provider app) may just be the most important digital tool you’ll ever download. You can use our SendWork Provider app to pick up jobs in your spare time, make more money per hour than house cleaners average across the United States, and earn 55% more than most make in Miami.

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So take the power into your hands and make the most of your time.

What is Your Work Worth?

If you’re working as a house cleaner in Miami, you already know it can be difficult to make ends meet. According to Indeed (purportedly the world’s largest and best jobsite) house cleaners in Miami typically earn an average of just $11.87 per hour. That’s only a couple dollars over the state’s minimum wage! Granted, it is still better than the nationwide average ($10.82 per hour) but almost impossible to live comfortably on—especially if it’s the sole source of income for a family.

And hotel housekeepers in Miami are even worse off. They typically make less than $10 per hour!

How much does that meager salary really get you in the Miami area?

The Cost of Living in Miami

Can you make a living on just under $12 per hour?

According to Investopedia, if you live right in Miami your average cost of living is around $3,200 per month—not including transportation. You can find more affordable places to live to reduce rent but that’s a bare bones estimate for food, utilities, and other necessities. At that price you’d have to work about 66 hours per week just to break even.

If you live just outside Miami you can cut that monthly cost to $1,623—much more reasonable but you’d still have to work at least 33 hours just to make ends meet.

How would you like to be making at least $18 per hour? Think of the freedom that could give you. The peace of mind. The financial security for your family.

How about earning even more for delivering excellent service to repeat clients? It’s not a daydream—it’s a reality within your reach.

A Better Alternative

An independent freelance house cleaner using the SendWork Provider app typically earns between $18 and $19 per hour—much higher than local or national average wages for similar work. That can give a family comfortable financial freedom or let a forward-thinking freelancer expand their business and grow even more.

How We Do It

1) SendWork created a growing network of service providers in the Miami area. These aren’t our employees. They’re freelance professionals who work in their free time or have a cleaning business of their own and need a way to get in touch with more clients and earn more money.

2) Clients who need house cleaners can access that network and hire directly. Our app facilitates that connection and offers instant communication, easy of payment, and a ton of excellent features.

3) We typically charge those clients a rate of $20 per hour for most cleaning jobs but unlike traditional cleaning services up to 95% of that goes right to the person who earned it—you!

That’s right, our house cleaners earn 80% of that rate right off the bat. If a Client enjoys the service you provide and hires you a second time you earn 95% of that fee from thereon out. That’s 34% to 55% more per hour than an average house cleaner earns in Miami.

What could you do with 55% more money?

Become a SendWork House Cleaner Today

Are you looking for greater financial freedom? Do you want to pick up more work in your off hours? How about completely replacing your current income and starting a freelance house cleaning business of your own? SendWork can help you do all of that and more. Find out how SendWork works or download the SendWork Provider app to become a freelance professional today.

Earn more. Stress less. Live better.