New iPhone App Lets Miamians Hire Cleaning Help on the Spot

Hire instant cleaners for your home or office 

Miami, FL— Jun. 16 Today SendWork announced that its services will now be fully available for iPhone IOS App users in the Miami Area. That’s great news for the more than 85 million iPhone users in The United States who may be living traveling to Miami for work or vacation. This powerful new application lets people who need part-time, temporary, or one-off workers in various niches connect with skilled freelance service providers in thriving neighborhoods like Brickell, Downtown, Sunny Isles and more.

SendWork Users Rave About the Service’s Usability

The SendWork App has been available for several months in its Android version and users have been absolutely thrilled with how simple and easy the software makes the chore of finding, hiring, and paying freelance workers. It’s all done within the IOS App with the touch of a few buttons. And user safety, security, and peace of mind are always the first priorities.

Currently SendWork allows individuals to connect with experienced house cleaners in the greater Miami area. These individuals are available on an as-needed basis and can be hired on the spot. Part of the genius behind SendWork’s utility is that it only shows users workers who are available in their area at any given time. That means users can instantly connect with house cleaners who are ready to work and minutes away in Aventura, Miami Beach, North Miami, or Brickell. Your home service cleaner can literally be at your door within a couple of hours or you can schedule them to show up whenever they’re needed.

SendWork ensures every worker in its pool of potential freelancers passes a nationwide background check. Additionally, the app contains GPS functionality, instantaneous bi-lingual chat, and secure payment functionality.

SendWork Plans Rapid Expansion

While SendWork currently features house cleaners in the Miami area, the company plans a rapid and all-encompassing expansion. Indeed, in the very near future SendWork will expand the number of services available through its connectivity IOS App to include:

  • Mobile Dog Groomers
  • Gardening
  • Pool maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • And other handyperson-style jobs

The initial phase of this expansion will occur in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and the Sunny Isles with plans to grow the business to cover all of Miami.

SendWork’s iPhone IOS App Taps into Rich Pool of Clients for Freelance Workers

The IOS App was created to help skilled workers find more jobs, build a healthy primary or secondary income, and free up their time for family, school, or other life-improving activities. And this iPhone App expansion will help to fast-track those positive improvements by giving freelancers access to even more potential clients.

Indeed, this expansion of SendWork’s current Android functionality is great news for freelance house cleaners in the Miami area. iPhones are the preferred technology of the up and coming business class—the type who are flocking to money-making hotspots like Brickell and Downtown Miami. Indeed, statistics show that iPhone are much more often classified as business professionals than Android users. In addition, stats show the average iPhone user has a much higher level of education (with a greater number of college graduates and PhDs) as well as a much higher average annual income than the average Android user.

That’s great news for these skilled individuals who are looking to offer their services in Brickell, Miami Beach, and the surrounding areas. This fast-paced, business-oriented population possesses faces a severe time crunch every day. Savvy freelance house cleaners in Miami can carve a niche for themselves by offering to keep up with the mundane housework and chores while their business savvy clientele keeps up with their fast-paced work and personal lives.

About SendWork

SendWork Provider is a Worker Field Service Contractor Management App aimed at contractors and businesses that work in the field. SendWork enables contractor businesses to keep in close contact with their clients via the customers peer-to-peer SendWork App allowing calendar scheduling, communicating, invoicing and payments in one connected hub that creates repeat business and customer loyalty. Customers can download the free SendWork App and add their own contractors