SendWork Launches Bilingual App For Spanish-Speaking Freelancers

Breaking Miami’s Language Barrier Gives Workers Access to New Clients & Opportunities

Miami, FL— Dec. 06 — SendWork today announces the launch of its new on-demand job platform on all Android devices.  The SendWork App instantly connects Freelance Service Providers in Miami with Clients who need them. The App features built-in translation software allowing Miami’s 2.4 million Spanish-speakers equal access to well-paying freelance jobs.

“These individuals have too long been denied simply because they don’t speak the language,” said Martha Hampton, Creator and Founder of SendWork. “That changes today.”

SendWork Provides Secondary Income and Unlimited Growth Opportunities

As a hotelier, Martha Hampton was often approached by workers seeking opportunities to augment their income in their off hours. Recognizing the skills they possessed were in demand in the private sector, she created the SendWork App so these individuals could easily tap into the On-Demand Economy.

Indeed, the mission of SendWork is to empower workers employ their “Day Job” skills in a freelance capacity. This secondary income is effectively unlimited and can eclipse or even replace a regular paycheck. Entrepreneurial individuals can even build full- or part-time freelance businesses of their own.

Translation Software Integral to Individual Success

Integrated translation software allows Spanish-speaking or bilingual individuals to see and accept job requests in their preferred language. Instantaneous communication is also enabled via “Chat” which automatically translates Spanish to English and vice-versa. This dramatically enlarges the pool of potential on-demand jobs that a freelancer has access to and is qualified for.

The SendWork App is available for immediate download onto any Android-powered device with plans to release an IOS version in the very near future.


SendWork was created by Martha Hampton, a native of Colombia, who experienced first-hand how difficult the language barrier can be to overcome when she arrived in The United States. Her dream is to empower hard-working individuals in the Miami area and enable them to expand their horizons while supporting themselves and their families.

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