For Contractors

If you’re working as a contractor in the field, it can be difficult to find the right software to help you run your business at a price you’re comfortable paying.

Many companies offer desktop software and mobile applications at extremely high prices that contractors who are just starting out can’t really afford. The Apps you can afford often are water-downed versions of some more expensive “Premium” version that don’t have all the features you really need.

SendWork is different. It’s a powerful client/job management application that offers you an array of useful tools you need to make your life easier (and your business more prosperous) without the inflated price tag.

And it all comes packaged in one easy-to-use mobile App with unlimited access in any of our multiple pricing plans. You get all the features you need at a price you can afford.

Independent Contractors

SendWork can:

Help you find new clients. Manage and track your time easily and accurately.
Process multiple forms of payment (including credit cards) quickly and affordable.

SendWork offers

In order to build the best mobile App for contractors, we’ve integrated a complete communications suite so you’re in touch with your clients when you need to be.

SendWork offers Bi-lingual text chat Spanish-to-English-to-Spanish automatic and instant translation and includes voice and video chat

Fast Payment Processing

  • Easy invoicing
  • Multiple payment options including cash, credit card, Venmo, ACH/wire and more
  • Low fees 2.9% plus .30cts processing fees for card payments
  • Fast processing—the money is paid into your bank or Venmo account when clients use credit cards
Payment Processing

SendWork lets you take all the worry out of getting paid with:

Easy invoicing—completed automatically in most cases
The ability to manually enter hours and amounts (for non-traditional or hard to quantify jobs)
Multiple payment options coming shortly (including cash, credit card, Venmo and more)
Fast processing—the money is instantly in your bank account when clients use credit cards
Low fees—lower-than-industry standard processing fees allow us to pass significant savings along to you.

Flexible Scheduling and Accurate Time Management

There’s no need for multiple calendars and scheduling apps (which often get confused resulting in missed appointments).

Small Independent Contractors Software

The Best App for Contractors Working in the Field—Dedicated to Your Success

Not sold on SendWork? Take a minute or two to download our App and look at all the features and services we offer. Try it with no obligation 30-days free trial and cancel at any time. Get the first-hand experience and see why many people consider SendWork the best App for contractors who need powerful yet affordable tools.